Wyze Cam Outdoor power adapter

I got 2 OG cams with a stacker kit, I want to use the cameras outdoors, so also got an outdoor power adapter. Problem is, the power adapter ends with a microUSB, the stacker kit wants to plug into a USB outlet. How about making an outdoor power adapter that we can plug a stacker kit into? Or coming up with a sellable microUSB to microUSB extension cord to help us with outdoor installations?

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I don’t understand why Wyze made the decision to have a male USB A on the stack kit splitter instead of just a female micro usb, but they did.

If the outlet is covered and in an outdoor case, you should be fine without the outdoor power adapter. The normal cable is waterproof, it’s just not the adapter. If the adapter is protected it will be completely fine. If not, you should be able to get a female micro usb to female usb A adapter on amazon, wrap it in electrical or other tape to keep water out, and use that.

But I 100% agree with you and I’m unsure why Wyze did it like this, these are just my ideas of the best solution to this problem.

I think if they just had a y adapter that was a micro female and 2 micro male ends that would bridge the gap. Just got off the chat with Wyse technical support and they didn’t seem to think it a problem. Think someone rushed the stack kit out without thinking that people would use the stack kit with a outdoor power adapter. I liked the outdoor cord because it’s 12 feet long and I could use the extra distance. May see if I can find something online.

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Can’t you use a USB type A extension cable (male on one end, female on the other) of whatever reasonable length you need to reach a protected outlet? You could use electrical tape to seal the junction between the power cable and the extension.

Yea, did the extension route. Just think Wyze should have supplies something to take care of the problem.

The stack kit terminates in a male USB-A connector and the outdoor power adapter terminates in a male microUSB plug…they’re not compatible. The chat person said to go ahead and use the included power brick from the stack kit. That power brick isn’t IP certified and seems like a very bad idea.