Wyze outdoor power adapter stacked?

I have an OG telephoto connected to a Wyze outdoor power adapter.

If I buy another OG and stack it, does that Wyze power adapter provide enough power for both? Cable length about 22.5 feet

Nevermind, I found the note that says it won’t work. :frowning:

In theory, each OG cam needs 1Amp to function well.

I think they can actually get by on just 0.75Amps though. IIRC, I think the power adapter puts out 1.5Amps, so then the stack kit splitter would be splitting off 0.75 per camera. Which leads me to believe 1.5Amps per 2 OG cams would be fine.
SO…if you get a power adapter that puts out at least 3 Amps, then you apparently could run 4 cams stacked on the same power source using 3 splitters. You just can’t do that with the power adapter that comes with the OG cams. You could search Amazon for one:

Just make sure that any power adapter you get says it will output 3amps on a single USB cord. Or 4amps would probably be a better bet so that each camera can get 1amp each.

It’s probably easier to just buy a power adapter that has 2 ports on it and each port gets at least 1.5amps. That’s what I do.


I believe the OG series needs at least 1.5A total for both cameras. The Outdoor Power Adapter provides 2A. The issue I see is 22.5 feet. That is a long way for any run, if you don’t do something to compensate for the long run. Like higher gauge wire, as an example.

Check out this thread for thoughts:


Well, :thinking: thanks for the input, I wasn’t thinking stack until I’d already hooked the telephoto up.

My length is off also, I forgot that the AC on the outdoor power adapter cable is 3.9 feet and the DC is 8.9 feet so that reduced DC cable length 18.9 feet approx., with my 10ft extension, which is still fairly long.

Any suggestions on a Y cable splitter? I thought I read that the one with the stack kit is all male connectors, and won’t connect to the male end of the outdoor Wyze power adapter.

I can’t find a micro female to micro male adapter connector and the Y cables I found have fat connectors and are questionable whether they’ll connect at all.

Perhaps it’s not worth the hassle if it’s not going to work.

I don’t do well with numbers, I’m a hands on person :grin:

OGs stacked with outdoor AC adaptor, and no extension appears to get needed power.

I even pulled as much power as I could turning on status lights, IR, and Spotlights at full HD.

Cameras continued to work and I monitored them for an hour. They had no disconnects.

Your extension may add some challenges but per my testing OG stacked with the outdoor power AC works.


I appreciate the effort, I’m old and tired. :weary: :sleeping::rofl: I’ll get an OG on order and stack kit and find out. Your test gves me confidence.:+1: Now, if they survive the weather.:thinking:


I should have asked where you got the Y connector cable. That is not how the stack kit cable I bought comes.

Do you have a part number and supplier? Will the Wyze V3 spotlight Kit cable work?

Should be the one that came with the stack kit, or I accidentally used one from the V3 spotlight kit. Can you post a pic of the one you have?

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It’s fixed into the cable unit, and has a USB a for the power plug they ship with it and the Y part is not removable and it’s molded into the cable.

I guess the V3 light kit will work, cost almost as much as the OG.

Don’t know what they were thinking.

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Sorry about that… yea that was a cable from my spotlight kit. Didn’t mean to do you like that.

I’ve bought a bit more than I need at times so when something seems “common” I just reach into my box “O” Wyze.

Found some splitters on Amazon but not much cheaper and not white.

chenyang CY Micro USB Female 1 to 2 Micro USB Male Splitter Extension Charge Cable https://a.co/d/252mNIN

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No biggie, and I still appreciate the test.

More my fault than yours anyhow, I’ve read about the issues with the stock cable options. I saw a few of those on Amazon.

Didn’t intend to place any blame in previous comments. Blames on Wyze for not thinking out of the box.

I think I’ll just waste the $15 for the light kit, so I can get the Y cable I want. Then not have enough power.:joy:

Followup, $10 buy with Prime. Ones on the way

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Maybe this V3 spotlight kit cable will work, it has a round device unlike your cable, built into it and labels for camera and spotlight. Why I have yet to determine. Or what the gadget in the Y cable does.

Weather is too cold and wet to find out if it works or smokes the camera. :joy: When weather permits, I’ll find out.

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The V3 Spotlight Y splitter cable worked. Even though its ugly, even though I could have bought a USBa female to USBa male cable and used the stack cable and brick. I’m happy. :blush: Old and slow. Lol

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Glad you found a solution

You are in pretty good company :wink::grin: