Stack kit can't be used with outdoor adapters

I bought the cam OG and OG telephoto to mount outside with the assumption that I can use the stacking kit. I just read on the site that you cannot use the outdoor adapters with the stacking kit. Why would it be made this way? I can stack the cams outdoors? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Where are you reading this? The stack kit includes a splitter so both camera can be powered by the same power supply.

It’s under the site under where you would purchase the OG cams. They’re a note that says… “For safe outdoor use, OG cameras require a [Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter v1 or v2] (sold separately). Please note: The OG Stack Kit does not work with our Outdoor Power Adapters.”

I contacted customer service and they confirmed it says it and that I should come to the forum to ask for a feature request. Not sure if it’s all accurate and I found it odd as well.

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Interesting, I have brought it up and will keep you updated. Thanks for bringing it to our attention

Update. I got confirmation that it is not compatible like you said. Not sure why Wyze did this, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

If your able to put the power adapter in a water proof location that would be great, otherwise you can look for a female micro usb female usb A adapter on amazon and wrap It with electrical tape or other waterproof tape.

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But whyyyy?! Definitely should not have to do that. Using the camera outdoors with a Wyze power adapter makes another feature of the OG cams useless? Makes no sense at all. I was ready to order another kit of the OGs until I found this out.


I 100% agree with you, I don’t understand why this decision was made. But unfortunately it was, so this is the best workaround.

This makes no sense whatsoever. I will be returning my OG bundle with stack. Disappointing.

The excerpted specification you posted was not on the ordering website I used. Nor on this one: Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter – Wyze Labs, Inc, which clearly states compatibility with Wyze OG cameras, though not with the OG stack adapter.

BTW, where are Wyze Power Adapter V1 or V1 to b found? Here’s an Amazon listing with a Micro USB termination, the same as I already have:

So will order female micro to female USB and use tape.

How slipshod!!!

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