Offer the Solar Panel adapter cable separately for Wyze Outdoor Camera

Please offer the adapter that comes with the Outdoor Camera Solar Panel separately. I want to use one in each of my Outdoor cameras so that I can charge it without unmounting it. I want to use a battery powered inverter (Ryobi One+) to charge the camera when needed. If the waterproof adapter in installed, I can do that without having to remove it from the mount. This is not intended to leave the power applied at all times just to make it easy to connect the battery powered inverter.

I was wondering about a way to do something similar, just a way to recharge a camera without having to take it down. When I take a camera down, I have to bring my tablet out to reposition it properly. I was thinking of a wish list to move the USB port to the side or front so at charge time I could just run an extension cord out and plug the camera up in place.

I guess keeping a cable permanently plugged in I could eliminate dragging the ladder out too. Is that the idea?

I’d like to see this as well. I think I have a bad cable and can’t check it out easily. So far Wyze replaced the camera, that wasn’t it. I don’t want to have to replace the whole solar panel, which means getting up on the roof and attaching a whole new panel. Easier to swap out the cable to see if that’s the problem before having to install a new solar panel (which was working fine before we swapped a camera attached to another solar panel which had charging problems.

This would be great. Wyze recently opening a whole replacement parts store on their site, and that’s a HUGE step in the right direction, I’m very glad they did this. Unfortunately this part is not included, even though it would be perfect. It’s a completely seperate part, it is used for the solar panel but as others have said can be used for other things as well. I would love to see this.

My goats destroyed 2 of my adapters, but the solar panels are untouched. If these adapters were offered it would make replacing them very easy

While I agree with wanting this adapter sold separately, a solution to having to re-aim the camera every time could be to use a sharpie or other market and draw a small like that crosses the mounting bracket and the camera at each joint. Then you just make sure these lines are aligned and the cam will be in the same spot as last time.

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This shouldn’t be a “maybe later”. they offer the c-adapter, which is useless as it does not seal the power port of the back of the camera. They need to offer the actual adapter that comes with the solar panel - the one with the rubberized grommet to replace the one you are told to remove from the camera before using the solar panel. I’m very angry at Wyze for not doing this - it must be a way to force purchasing of another solar panel if you need that little special adapter…

Since this is probably not happening any time soon, as a workaround, what I did, if I recall correctly, I just used the USB cord that came with the camera since it sealed the port up on the bottom already. Then I just used an adapter for the solar panel I had/wanted (or any other cord I wanted to connect it to…in my case, USB-A female to MicroUSB Female adapter to connect the microUSB cord to a USB-A cord)) and sealed the entire connection by wrapping around it with self-fusing silicone tape like this:

If you don’t mind waiting 2 weeks, the exact same stuff is even cheaper on Temu.

Honestly, doing that is probably as cheap as buying an adapter separately (especially after the cost of shipping), and it’s worked for me perfectly since the day these launched. The wires and cameras have been COMPLETELY buried in more than a foot of snow for days and been totally fine.

SEPARATE ACCESSORY NEEDED: solar panel adapter

The solar panel for the outdoor cam comes with a special adapter that has both a silicon waterproof sleeve AND the male power end fits over the opening in the back of the camera to seal the power switch and power input port. You are told in the instructions to remove the existing rubber grommet on the camera if you are using the solar panel, as this special adapter is made to seal the opening just like the grommet on the camera did.

HOWEVER, you CANNOT get this special adapter anywhere. Not on Wyze, not Amazon, not Temu… yet you can buy the “C” adapter (which as no grommet and isn’t the correct plug type anyway). So apparently my solar panel is useless - or the camera - because I can no longer have a waterproof seal if I lose that adapter, or notice that it is missing if I buy a refurb one from Wyze and don’t open the box for several months.

I’m angry that I cannot get that part, or any other components/pieces for the solar panel in case they ever break or need replacement. Instead of buying from Wyze, because you don’t offer this simple part… I’ll buy solar panels from Wasserstein just on principle and give them the extra business :frowning:

It’s very easy to lose this tiny adapter piece. You offer the “C” adapter but not the critical one to connect to the outdoor cam???

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