Small outdoor Solar Panel Charger (For WYZE Outdoor Cam)

Now that the outdoor camera is official, I would like to pitch the idea for a small solar panel I can mount next to the outdoor cam for extended or even infinite battery life. 3-6 months is great but infinite I think we can all agree is better. The only difference with this solar panel is that:

1: It is outdoor rated

and (more importantly)

2: The connecter has some sort of rubber grommet or other kind of protection to protect the WYZE Cam Outdoor from leaks so it can be plugged in 24/7. If waterproofing is lessened I can live with that, but I don’t want to completely kill off weather proofing.

For price context I would pick one up for each camera if the price was around 20 bucks or less. Also I already pre-ordered an outdoor camera (if that helps) I will try to jerry rig something for myself in the meantime.


The only problem with this currently is it voids the warranty to have something plugged into the charging port while outside.

In reality the only way it voids the warranty is if moisture gets in the charging port or power switch. It’s not going to effect other problems unrelated to moisture.


Valid point, but I’m sure with an official product we can find a solution? Like say a case that goes around the camera with the panel built in? There has to be a way. Also, if I water damage my camera I wouldn’t make a warranty claim if it was my fault.

So from this website they have a panel with a replacement cap for their cameras. I can see this being an easy accessory. Check it out. You may have to scroll a bit.

Would love for Wyze to make this

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Someone will make it. I don’t care if it’s WYZE.


If the solar panel was a WYZE product they should be able to make the connection sufficiently waterproof. We need an option to allow us to place outdoor cameras in difficult to reach places both for proper coverage and for theft prevention. A small solar panel battery charger would be the ideal solution.

Yes Solar charger option or plug end option would give us more options.

will a 3rd party like

or is there another 3rd party solar panel on market right now that will work. I don’t want to hassle with changing or charging every 3 months or less.

Can you offer an electric outdoor camera with your water tight connector?

Has anyone here tried a setup yet?

I would but I am still waiting for delivery. I pre-ordered mine. Supposedly its been shipped (I think)

I am testing this. Seems to be working good so far.

I received my camera and solar panel as well. I haven’t mounted mine yet because I am still working out a way to maintain waterproofing while having the back port uncovered for charging. I’m considering 3D printing a hood or using outdoor rated clear silicon sealant around the plug after plugging it in as a plan B.

Out of curiosity, what does your setup look like? What are you using to protect from water? Pictures if possible.

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Well the solar panel (with battery) worked good at first, but then it started delivering low power to the camera. This appears to have damaged the unit, I think this is not specific to this panel but there needs to be some type of voltage regulator or you will fry the camera. I am going to see if I can re-flash it.

Interesting. Take a look at the one I got.

I don’t think it has a voltage regulator either. But good catch though. I was wondering if the camera had extra voltage tolerance. I guess not or at least not enough for a little solar panel. If you find a better panel can you post a link?

Here is a alternative; use a non stick spray lightly at the connection point from a short distance insert the solar panel plug then using silicon fill around the port till full. Then when it dries remove it & clean with 91% isopropyl alcohol & let it dry then plug it back in. I have used this method for other electronic’s with no issues

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You could also use dielectric grease but @elcaminoguy 's method is nice, clean and reusable.

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thanks I’m glad people responded. I think many users are looking for a setup like this. Please keep updating and include pictures as well! That will definitely help the community out. I’m still waiting on my order which will take like an extra month

Yeah looks the same as mine.

I reflashed my camera and so it is back online. I still think that the solar panel was trickling voltage too low and that somehow corrupted the firmware (just a guess) but just happy it did not completely fry it. Anyways I am going to play around with this a bit more this weekend, maybe add another battery in tandem and see if I can make a go of it. Will report back.

Interesting, can you include pictures of results or a video of how you did it?