Solar Panel Usage

If I purchase the “Wasserstein Solar Panel Compatible with WYZE Cam Outdoor” will any warranty be void by Wyze? Has anyone tried this panel, if so, how did it work?


It’s not recommended to keep your Wyze Cam Outdoor constantly plugged in. This is because of possible battery damage and moisture entering through the charging port.

I saw that as well. However, the solar panel plugs in and seals the complete opening and would prevent any moisture damage. I did not see the comment about battery damage. I’ll have to do some additional research on that. Why would there be a solar panel for the camera if it would cause damage??? Wonder if there is some sort of cutoff of the panel once the battery is charged???

Thanks for your response.

this is where articulation gets into the legal nitty gritty. “compatible” mean it will plug into and do it’s job in giving it power and charging it. it does not say anything about the effect it may or may not have on the hardware it is connected to or if it has approval from Wyze to be used as a continuous power source without voiding warranty as then it would leave liability on Wasserstein.

Wyze has stated it is looking to one day develop a solar powered camera but hasn’t given details or a timeline. This is one of those instances where third party suppliers can be a good AND a bad thing. I would reach out to Wasserstein and see if they will cover any damage to the wyze cam outdoor incurred through use of their product and see what they say.

BTW I liked the “nitty gritty” phrase, oh how true… I plan on contacting Wyze support Monday morning to see what they have to say. Wyze has many dream items but I can’t rely on a wish list not knowing timelines.

The reason for going through this is because I am in my 70’s and ladder climbing is not a good thing to do. Just yesterday I had to go through snow/cold to obtain a camera that had a low battery. It was only a month from the last charge. I don’t cherish having to do this every month. I would be delighted to get the Wyze outdoor cam to work with a solar panel. There is a company out there (Reolink Argus 2) that provides the camera and solar panel. However I don’t want to spend a lot more money if I can help it.

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very understandable…I’m not 70, but I have this thing…not so much with heights…but the whole impact part of falling from heights :wink:

I didn’t see much about the “smarts” of that panel when I looked at it. I did like the seal it had ( hopefully it would be effective) but if that panel was smart enough to know when the camera was charged and stop the continuous charge for some time until it “sensed” the camera battery low again then I could see that panel working just fine and not hurting the internals of the WCO. but for that kind of brain in a solar panel I would commonly expect it to cost considerably more than that one does. I would be really interested to see what Wasserstein would have to say about any damage the panel “may/could” cause and if they will cover it. might give you some insight to that company too.

one upside ( if you want to call it that) if it does damage the camera…at least its not a 200$ camera.

My Outside Camera is on it’s second charge since I’ve had it. I had Pre-Ordered it and so I’ve had it now for a while. Right now it’s at 39% battery life. If I think about it, I’ll pull it down and charge it backup fully. It’s about where it was last time when I charged it. It lasting months on a charge. I have a second one I haven’t mounted outside YET. Not sure where I want to put it yet. The one outside now, it’s on the far side of my house. The side where I don’t have any of my PoE cameras located at yet. (Power over Ethernet). Once those are mounted, there’s nothing to deal with other then cleaning any webs off from spiders. No dealing with having to take down and charge up and then put back and re-aim. They also are recording 24/7. I have about 3 weeks of recordings from all those PoE cameras.

I just need to buy a couple more 5MP PoE cameras. Figure out the best way to run ethernet over to that side of the house. My Attic is TINY. I have a low slope roof. So very hard to run cables up there. I’ve wired my house for Ethernet from under my house. But running Ethernet cables up a wall? Doesn’t look good and easy to cut. So I’ve been trying to think of some other options. These Outdoor Wyze cameras were planned to only be a temp solution. Then later on I could mount them in a tree in the back yard or something for some other views for the hell of it. Just to use them for something.

They were never designed for use with a Solar Panel. I think it would cause what I think is a non-replaceable battery to fail much sooner. If you want SOLAR, there are other 100% wireless cameras with a Solar option available. Just a lot more money.

Maybe we’ll see a V2 of these that has a solar option for the same price or a little more and they sell both versions? The V3 cameras can be used outside, just need to run power to them. So that may be an option. They are cheaper also. Maybe you can use solar but need to replace the cameras every couple years? Maybe we need a few people to test that out. What size panel you need and how long will the battery’s holdup? Some places are better suited for solar than others. You buy the camera, you can basically do anything you want to it at that point.