Using Solar panel with Wyze Outdoor Camera

My camera is going through a charge in about 5 days here in the FL heat. Anyone have any luck using a solar panel to keep the Wyze outdoor camera charged? Any brand recommendations?

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I know there are some here that have got them to work on solar, it would compromise the water tight seal though, however you should not be going through a charge in 5 days. I have 5 of them currently and the quickest one to die lasts about 50 days. How many events a day is the camera getting, how often are you looking at live view or doing time lapses

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I have the Wasserstein Solar Panel attached to my Wyze outdoor and love it; it never goes below 80% even after multiple cloudy days with a lot of activity and it provides a water tight seal too.

I’ve had the camera exposed to the elements and never had any issues with rain…

Now what if I have a WOC & a wired regular V2 (Blk) ?

Does " Wasserstein Solar Panel’s make one, that can keep both charged ?

One needing 24/7 power and the WOC only needing a trickle charge.

Was thinking of a 100 watt solar panel setup.
Far more expensive than an easy, “Wasserstein Solar Panel”, fix.

The v2 would need constant power, so it would need a far larger battery and solar panel than a device that triggers only on motion.

Unless you live in an area where it rarely rains or is overcast, you would also need to take more than it being dark every night into account.

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