Solar Panel for WCO

Has anyone found a solar panel that can charge the wyze-cam outdoor?

There are several on Amazon for around $30. This is the one I am currently testing

And is it keeping it charged? does it just stay at 100% or ?

Please keep us posted on your results. The charge on these cameras is far less than what Wyze states. It would be nice to find a solar charging source.

I’m ordering this solar panel in a few weeks as it’s compatible the WCO and they have a pretty good rep from what I’ve seen…

This is where I got the info that there was a solar charger for the WCO, along with a video review: Wasserstein Solar Panel For Wyze Cam Outdoor Unboxing, Setup & Review! - YouTube

Yes, because the solar has its own built in battery pack. So the panel charges the built-in battery, and then that battery power is charging/maintaining the WCO internal battery.

I bought the Wasserstein solar charger on March 5th and received it the following week on March 11th.

So far, so good. For $36 I think it’s been money well spent. I have the solar panel in a not too optimal area for collecting the recommended 8 hours of sun but it’s doing it’s job.

I have the camera pointing in a kinda busy area and it’s never dropped down past 98%, even during 2-3 consecutive cloudy days.

It definitely beats getting a ladder and climbing up to take down the outdoor camera and charging it for hours on end!! :smiley:

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I suspected it had a battery inside. I wonder if the battery will survive through the summer. I know most batteries do not do so well in the heat. This would be in direct sunlight and getting very hot. I had a dash camera in my truck and it didn’t last one summer before the battery swelled so bad it split the camera case open and warped it.