Using the Solar Panel and Spot Light on Wyze Cam V3 or Outdoor V3


Has anyone tried adding a Solar Panel along with a Spot Light to either a regular Wyze Cam V3 or a Wyze Outdoor Cam v3 all together?

Thank you for your answers.

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Hey, the solar panel is currently only available for the Wyze cam outdoor v1 and v2. The spotlight is only available for the Wyze cam v3. The outdoor v1 and v2 are battery powered, while the cam v3 is plugged in. Both cam go outside.


I wondered the same thing.

I have two Wasserstein solar panels connected to WOCs. The panels have an internal 18650 battery.

For grins, I connected a v3 to a panel. Even in bright sunlight the v3 only stayed on for a few hours. The Wyze panel does not have a battery, so I would expect a v3 connected to a Wyze solar panel would not power on because there is no battery in the Wyze solar panel.

The Wyze solar panel is designed to charge the battery in the WOC. Wyze states the camera will still need to be recharged but less often.

The WOCs connected to Wasserstein solar panels have shown a full charge for months. When we have a few cloudy days in a row, the charge level drops but comes back up in a few hours once we have sunshine.

I have 4 Wyze panels on my WCOs, and they all stay at 99-100% for the few months I have had them for. Never had to charge them, and all my event recording settings are on the max (CPL)