Solar Panel to charge outdoor camera

Charge time on my outdoor cameras is about 30-45 days. I would like to put solar panels up to charge the camera. I know other camera systems like Arlo, blink, and Ring have solar panel setups.

Can you recommend a solar panel to charge the cameras?

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@dominic.mele576 Welcome to the Wyze community! You may be interested in this solar panel below.

I can confirm that panel works. I use it.


Cool… I got shipment tracking on my panels yesterday.

I didn’t realize the Wasserstein had it’s own embedded battery as well for charging off solar panel. Instructions say to give it a good 8-10 hours in sun before plugging into a fully charged WCO. There isn’t a separate USB charging port so have to go with the sun.

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How long did your Wasserstein panel require charging? I have two of them that have been outside. One location since weekend with probably 30% sun exposure and now one in my back yard with my 400W panel for couple days and still not powering up. I’ll give it a few more days but so far disappointed as I had hoped to purchase more. If my luck changes I will update. Wondering if I am being impatient, defective run of units, or something has changed with beta firmware on WCO preventing them from working

It takes about 3 hours of full sun for the battery inside the panel to charge up and then the Wyze Cam outdoor to charge. Usually, around 10 am the panel starts to charge the WCO.

I have my panel situated at about 40 degrees facing due east to get the morning to mid day sun.

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I think one of my Wasserstein may be defective but I did finally get one to fire off on a charge. It seemed to give about a 15% recharge before it fell off to needing to recharge. I would say be sure to place in a very sunlit location… I think partial may just not cut it at all. Company is sending me out a replacement so I can’t complain.

I can’t restate enough… get it out in some solid sunlight for 2-3 days just to be sure before plugging in. At least you won’t question if it is working or not as no external indicators on device itself it is ready to go.

I think it might depend on your area

Here’s the orientation of my panel.

Around 8:45 am. The panel is charging the internal battery.

By 10:45 am, it’s full internally and tops up my WCO and in a few minutes it’s back to 100%.

Morning sun works best for me.

It takes a couple days for mine to fully charge up but when it does it gives the my camera around a 35% charge boost. I had one at 24% and it took it up to 59%. I’m good with that.

For what it’s worth, I’m using a solar panel for a different device that needs to work overnight. I face the panel to get more of the late afternoon sun so that all the charging comes just after the sun reaches it’s peak instead of early in the day. It picks up enough ambient light in the morning to at least keep up. So I get a full charge at mid afternoon instead of the morning. Seems to work better than charging early.

The one I thought was a problem finally fired off and charged the camera.

I reoriented the panel for far better sun exposure.

I’m sold… the Wasserstein panels do work with the WCO. I’ve ordered some more. To save yourself some grief do a thorough charge for a few days in the sun just to be sure they are charged.

It appears the Wasserstein uses a 3.7V and appears like it might be one of these

Other things I have noticed.

  • While charging you can hear a slight hum/buzz from panel.

  • When panel is charging WCO and it is dark you can see a red LED that lights up the case some… from that board pictured here.

  • Picture of gasket here as well

I just plugged in a Wasserstein solar panel to my WYZE outdoor cam. It appeared to be charging - but then in the morning it was at 0% and it looks like it killed the camera. In the camera “accessories” control area in the software it has a prompt for a solar panel option and when I select it - it says to update my base station to the newest firmware… which it already has. Wondering if I am doing something wrong here. Panel was left to charge in sun for 3 days.

I have both the Wasserstein V1 and V2 and they are both hot garbage. The Wyze Solar Panel is by far more effective at keeping the WCO topped up.

Right now, I’ve had 6 hours of direct sunlight today on three panels: Wasserstein V1, BE and Wyze Solar Panel attached to 3 WCO V1 with the same firmware

V1:96 %
V2: 97 %
Wyze Solar Panel: 100%

If the UV Index isn’t over 6 for 8 hours, the Wassersteins don’t or won’t charge.

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Connected my Wyze Solar Panel to a Wyze Outdoor Cam which was at 3% in the evening.
Took a couple days to reach :100:% Very happy with this product!

Do I need to have the Wyze solar panel in the sun to charge before plugging it in to power up the camV3. I plugged it in out of the box and I’m getting “Device is offline” error code 90.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Ok apologies I got my answer. :man_facepalming:t2:

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