Solar powered Wyze camera - only requires wifi connection

I agree, thanks for the reply.

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How many more cameras can you connect to this system?

Why not use cheaper lead acid battery?

I found this on Amazon.

[Updated Version] Wasserstein Solar Panel Compatible with WYZE Cam Outdoor - Power Your Surveillance Camera continuously with 2W 5V Charging (1-Pack, Black)

Visit the Wasserstein Store

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  • :heavy_check_mark: COMPATIBLE WITH WYZE CAM OUTDOOR - Our solar panel ensures that your camera never runs out of battery.
  • :heavy_check_mark: IMPORTANT NOTE - For First time use, fully charge the Solar Panel before connecting the camera. The charging process only begins when the Solar Panel is fully charged.
  • :heavy_check_mark: VERSATILE MOUNTING - Our unique 360-degree wall mount allows you to easily position your solar panel in the best direction, ensuring maximum sunlight exposure. It comes with a 13.1ft/4m cable for convenient mounting.
  • :heavy_check_mark: WEATHERPROOF DESIGN - The soft PVC patent pending design micro-USB head expands slightly when inserted into the opening of the camera, thereby effectively sealing it from moisture.
  • :heavy_check_mark: EFFICIENT SOLAR CELLS - Made of efficient solar cells, the solar panel charges your camera quickly even in low-light conditions.

They work

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Thanks unfortunately both panels are currently unavailable. I have a panel from Hem-Life not sure if I want to try on my outdoor cam?

I installed the Wasserstein Solar panel for my WCO camera. It works and keeps the camera at 100% the majority of the time. I have streamed video for hours and it dropped to 97% but recovered the next day. This panel is useful if you have a lot of motion or want to stream video for hours to watch something, to keep the camera from draining too fast. The biggest drawback is the cost. Otherwise if you have a camera in a place where you can’t conveniently charge it, I recommend the panel.
P.S. At first it didn’t seem to work, but after unplugging the panel, letting it charge in the sun for two days and then fully charging the camera from an outlet, when reconnected it started charging the camera and has continued to keep it at 100% for weeks without any issues


That’s awesome. It works! For all reading this - it’s good practice to recharge the internal battery before using it full time. It’s weird that Wasserstein came up with a solution to a shortcoming in a Wyze product. The sole reason I never purchased an outdoor Wyze camera is because I wasn’t going to pull it down periodically for a recharge. LOL

Thanks for sharing this with us.

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I’ve got Wasserstein panels on all 8 of my WCOs. Works for me

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Hemlife solar panel works also. Runs my v3. Just would like to have a WYZE solar sounds silly but I like to use the same system its easier to troubleshoot.

Which model? Any seller link? Does it last the whole day?

Hemlife is available on Amazon. I keep it plugged 24/7 and at night it might drop a few but it normally stays at 100. Model #? Hem or wyze

I’m in the high desert and have TONS of sun. I am curious if I could set up a couple panels on my garage to charge a couple large batteries in my garage and then run cables to the 4 cameras on my garage.

I got several of the outdoor wireless cams and I’m not real impressed. I want to swap them for v3 cams

yea but why not make wireless v3

As noted above the Wasserstein uses a 3.7v battery. I actually have a bunch of 9800mah 3.7v batteries that I use in flashlights. I wonder if a cheaper/smaller version of the OP setup could be built using it.

I guess i don’t fully understand, if ill of my cameras had v3 capabilities id still prefer wireless indoor outdoor wireless wifi to me just seems logical. for looks as well as fewer variables to contend with

The biggest thing the wireless lack is continuous recording. In my case they don’t detect motion where I need to so no events are recorded. But with continuous recording I could still see what happened even if an event wasn’t recorded.

All my outdoor (now) V3’s are on battery finally.

Originally only my 2 driveway cameras were as they were on a 12v solar system, with 100Ah battery.\

Just finished moving the other 14 over to a battery backed up system which I will be adding another 100Ah battery to.

Ran low voltage direct burial landscape lighting wire then used a weatherproof 12 volt to 5 volt micro-USB regulator at each camera tapped into the low voltage wiring circuit.

The reason I am updating the current battery is that it only lasted 12-13 hours before the low-voltage disconnect kicked in at 11.8v, so now I have 4 times that previous battery’s size and should get 2 days of power to the cameras, internet modem, and Wireless access points.

Since I live in “Third-World” California in a PG&E electrical service area having backup power is a necessity

Weatherproof 12v to 5v Micro-USB adapter cable

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Very nice! What 100Ah battery are you using?