Multi-camera power cord

I would like to run a few cameras outside that are all powered via one cord.

Lots of them available both on-line and in retail stores. A Google search came up with over 29 million hits.

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Install a USB hub like this in an area that doesn’t get wet such as under an eave and connect all the cameras up to it

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Thank you.

Check your power adapter for sufficient amperage too. The one that comes with Wyze cams is 1 amp, and handles 1 camera. Start stacking multiples from a single adapter, you might experience offline cameras, requiring restarts among other things.

Someone recetly reported he had been using a long 15 foot cable and the camera would not stay online. The 15 foot cable did not come from Wyze. He found his own answer, but replacing the power adapter with higher amperage. I too had the same issue, and his solution solved mine. I didn’t stop there. I dug through my bag o’-tricks and found enough Amazon 1.8 and 2 amp adapters to swap out all. Solved problems that I didn’t even understand I had.

Someone is likely to disagree with what I say. That’s okay. It worked for me.