Product Idea: Modular Design of the Outdoor Power Supply Unit

We had an extension built on our home - an 18’ x 18’ Sunroom. In anticipation of placing Wyze cams on the outside corners, I had the builders place electrical outlets under the eaves in each corner. So all I need to do now is to add the cams and the outdoor power supplies and I’m all set. But…

There is SOOOOO much cable unused: from the outlet to the outdoor power supply and from the power supply to the camera. [I have to figure out a way to bunch it all up and affix it to the eaves. I hate the thought of that extra wire blowing in the wind, and it will distract from the looks of the house.] What would be ideal would be for Wyze to make the outdoor power supplies with modular cables. That is, you could select a length of cord for plugging the outdoor power supply into the socket, as well as select a length of cord for connecting the outdoor power supply to the cam. Wyze could offer cords/cables in 1’, 2’ 3’ 6’ 10’ lengths so that customers could buy only the lengths they need for their specific use.

Does anyone else see the utility of having a modular design to the outdoor power supply units?

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Are you handy with tools? Cut cable to make it shorter and re-attach connection?

To keep prices down, they go with a common standard. Some want longer cables, some want shorter cables. Some people are happy with what they get.

Remember that these cameras are cheap and I hope they remain cheap.

That would be a nightmare IMO. It would introduce a safety issue with waterproofing those “modular” extension cables. Don’t forget we are talking 110-210Volt cables here, not simple low voltage USB’s.