Outdoor Camera Parts

I preordered the outdoor camera’s and got it back in 2020. I used it for several months, but then it quit charging, then stopped working completely. Wyze replaced the camera since it was less than a year and the I started using the second one with no issues. After about 4 months of using it, it stopped charging and working also. I’m assuming the issue most be the charger I’m using. I DON"T expect Wyze to replace the camera since they have already replaced it once. When I took the cover off the first unit I noticed the piece that you attach the cable to gets extremely hot when I hook up the power cable. The piece is easy to get to and attaches with a couple of wires. I’m wondering if the only issue with the camera is this small board. Figured it is worth a shot to see if Wyze offers parts sales. I hate to discard perfectly good cameras if this little part is the only issue. I’m still a big fan of the camera and have 2 other base stations that I use in other locations. Just figured I would see if there is any way to salvage these 2 wireless cameras.

I can tell you they don’t offer any parts like that and pretty much positive , even if you inquire with them they would not send you any parts like that.
I also have a WCO that will no longer charge , no matter what power supply I use, no status lights no nothing , so just know that you’re not the only one and others have had the same issue