Wyze Cam Mount options

Please move this if I am in the wrong place. I would like future versions of the small fixed cam to have a 1/4 20 thread in the base. I would also like a software option to rotate the image 90 and 270 degrees as well as 180. Several applications where I would have preferred to mount the cam on its side.

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I would also like to be able to use a suction cup for a window.


Good thought. Cups with 1/4 20 studs are available. (Fyi)

Agreed - can we move this to the Road Map with the topic “Request for 1/4 - 20 Screw Thread mount for all future cameras” - this would give lots of options for all cameras.

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This topic is now in #roadmap. You can vote for it by clicking the VOTE button at the top of the page.

I voted for this but would be happy with a medal plate with this size & thread hole. I would attached the plate to a small tripod and the v2 camera to the plate.

Are there any aftermarket products like this?

There are many:


Actually, that would be for mounting the Pan Cam. Here’s reverse that you’d use with the V2:


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Thanks Loki, is is there a 1/4 20 female with a non magnetic flat plate so I can attached the v2 on?

Dunno, but I think you’ll find out quickly if you search on Amazon.

Cannot find any on Amazon or eBay.

This should work. You would attach it to the V2 with strong double sided tape or glue it on:

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Great idea

by having this we can get better angles then what is offered with the metal magnet piece. I like to watch the birds out my window but it’s difficult to get a shot from a side angle.

I think it would allow for better security angles as well. More options.

Totally Agree! I would like to see a suction cup mount - right now I’m using Gorilla tape to attach to windows and that leaves a mess behind. What would be hard about a silicone surround with suction cups attached?

I think something like the first few items here would accomplish what you’re looking for:


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OH that is great! I want one of those as well! Or two? LOL.

What other kind of off brand accessories are out there… Who knows what I need.

I use one of these ,has been there a year it does not fall off


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Some people use these they use command strips to stick them on