Wyze Cam Mount options

Okay now I have a couple choices… Ill head home and see what will work best in my front window. I’m not about hiding that camera… I want people to know it’s there :slight_smile:

I would like to see a mount that would accept two cameras and hold them in the correct angle to be able to get a full 180 degree view. Along with this you could include a usb power cable that both cameras would be able to connect to. Right now I have 2 cameras mounted separately next to each other on the back of my house, with the 2 usb cables running to them, in order to see the entire back yard. Having a mount to hold them both, and in the correct angle would be nice.

Dropped the WyzeOEM mount altogether for the NiteIZE steelie ball. $13-15 on amazon, looks clean…

When can we have the window mount kit from the official team?
right now there is no perfect window mount accessory for Wyze cam. hope the team can design and solve the problem of glare/reflection from the window.


Wait no more! The official Wyze V3 Window Mount is live right now:

You can click on the link in that post or go to shopping and run a search for Window or Window Mount.

I don’t know how long it’s been available for, but people have reported successful order processing, so apparently it’s live, it’s just tricky to find. Might be an accident that we discovered it before the official announcement/launch.