Here is a suggestion about the Metal mounting Coin that comes with Wyze Cam

Here is a suggestion…

I brought a tripod to use with my Wyze cam v2 for my Bedroom window; I live in an apartment on the ground floor in the back. I originally had the cam mounted on the window, but it was positioned oddly so I knew I needed a tripod. After removing the cam from the metal coin, and then removing the coin itself I thought it would be a piece of cake to place said coin onto the tripod. I said all of this to say…

Wyze whoever you outsource to for the making of the coin could you ask them to make the holes in the coins to the size of a tripod screw; Cause with just a couple of slight turns I could have added the coin to the tripod and locked it in place with the little twist knob on the tripod screw, instead, I had no choice but to use glue.

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Took a while to figure out what you meant by the “coin”, but I assume you mean the 40mm diameter metal mounting disk that can be attached to something and then the magnet in the camera stick to that.

Assuming that to be the case, I can see a problem. It would be easy enough to drill out the hole enough to fit whatever size bolt that you wanted. However if you put a bolt through the hole in the middle, the bolt head would prevent the camera base ( flat ) from sitting flush on the disk. That would prevent a solid magnetic attachment.


9 bucks for two. No glue.

( Amazon link rotted and squatted; removed 3/2023 )

Also a lot of tripod heads themselves might have enough iron to allow the magnetic base to stick with no additions at all.


That link is coming up to lithium batteries…

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Thanks, removed. Darn link squatters.

Here is another thread that may give you some additional mounting ideas for your v2. This OP also lives in an apartment.