Angled Wyze Cam Window Mount

I currently use the Wyze window mount for two of my cameras. I would like to have a window mount that would allow me to angle my cameras. This seems feasible and something that all Wyze camera owners could benefit from.

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wish Wyze make the window mount for Wyze Cam V3 as angle flexible, can be tilted 360 degree

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FWIW, I use this handy little mount for my V2 Wyze cams facing out thru windows. You get room to tilt & rotate the camera, but at the cost of getting some reflection off the glass when it’s dark outside. I’d guess you would get the reflection in any solution that wasn’t flat up against the window like the current Wyze mount is.

And I haven’t seen an equivalent mount for the V3 Cam (yet?). Best I can think of would be to flip that mount upside down and set the V3 on it so it’s like a shelf that the cam doesn’t lock securely into. Bleah.

Inside window angle mount for Wyze v3 cam?

The current inside window mount is great but I also need one at a 30 degree left angle for a door as well as a 45 degree down angle for packages.

I have seen 3D printer files doe these mounts, but no product that I can purchase or recommend to my readers


Window Mount v3

This is a great product however any plans for a window mount that will permit the camera to be angled up or down?

The Window Mount for Wyze Cam v3 only allows for straight out viewing and many times I need to angle the camera down.

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I am also looking for the same thing. It would be really nice if it was possible to tilt the camera while it’s snug inside the Wyze glass mount. I’ve found these online that seem pretty good but too bad for me it can’t be shipped to Canada :frowning:

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Yes sadly this doesn’t tilt. While a nice product I don’t see how this is any different over the Wyze window mount.

It’s a shame that this hasn’t been addressed since first posted in 2021. 2 years later and NOTHING??? Sad. Something so needed (and not everyone that uses the products knows about the Forums here OR how to vote!!


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