V3 angled window mount

I have a couple of my V3 cameras attached to windows using the Wyze window mount. That works fairly well however I am looking for one that would allow me to mount my camera in the window and be able to adjust the angle. It would be useful if such a device would allow a variable adjustment (up and down and right to left) to accommodate the specific situation. I have not come up with anything yet. Has anyone seen such a device? The closest thing I’ve seen is this one however I’m not sure if they’re for sale or if it has ability to adjust to accommodate a particular set up.


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We must prepare ourselves for the technical marvel write up that we will see in here soon. :slight_smile:


@tlhutch4, Yes, be prepared for the wizardry that is @victormaletic’s genius! Legendary in the forums!

Check this one out: Getting Aim Angle for Wyze Window Mount Adapter Wedges

Here is a Search of Victor’s Posts on Window Mounts. Make sure you have a lot of time to read as the detail and precision of the fabrications is beyond impressive!


Hello @tlhutch4
The picture shown in your post #1 is one of my Square Tube Glare Shields for mounting a V3 camera on a window. A 3D printed one for a specific horizontal and vertical aim is not adjustable. What is available to you for double angled supports is your choice of 10° to 30° ± horizontally and vertically in 5° increments. For single angled supports the angle choice is from 0° to 45° in 5° intervals. You would have to measure or estimate the horizontal and vertical ± amount of aim angle needed for your specific camera location. This style of glare shield window camera support requires that the V3’s base be removed before insertion into the printed support. The base removal was done to reduce mounted weight, make a sleeker mount, and use less material to print. You indicated accommodating a specific situation which usually means a fixed aim support. However, four supports could be printed up with different aim points and mounted on the window in a four-square array. When a change of aim is needed, relocate the camera to a different support. The resulting 5” lateral shift of the camera on the window has a negligible effect on the aim point. Below are some photos associated with the above comments.

Using a paper and cardboard Transit to get aim angles.

Some of the accessories that are available in the folders.

The link provided below is for a folder containing six subfolders. Subfolder 0 contains setup and support information. Subfolder 1 contains single-angle units only. The remaining subfolders 2 thru 5 are specific aim angle combinations Right and Down, Left and Down, Left and Up, and Right and Up. There are a total of 125 separate files.

Master Sq Tube Glare Shield Folders

The information below is a preview of my soon-to-be post for 3D printed Full Section V3 window-mounted camera supports. By Full Section I mean the full camera including its base. No disassembly is required. Below is a picture of a printed example.

This picture shows the four quadrant aim angles available. 0° to 45° in 5° increments. Notice the Upper Left and Right aim quadrants require the cameras be mounded up-side-down with an internal invert image setting. This is nessarry to reduce field of view restrictions caused by the support geometry. For these kinds of supports, aim angles greator than 30° horizontally and vertically incure a lot of field of view restrictions the closer you get to 45°.

Below is a link to the Master FSV3 Shields. This folder is organized like the one linked above is.
There are 416 aim and support files within the 5 subfolders.

Master FSV3 Glare Shields

I am also planning on posting my adjust aim in place window mounted V3 using a folded bracket and a light weight paper black box.

All of the files in the links are free to you. You may be fortunate and have a library near you that provides 3D prints at very little or no cost, except your county taxes.

Victor Maletic


Thanks for sharing buddy. I downloaded a copy too! I finally live somewhere where my local library allows me to make 3D prints! I have to pay for the material, but at least my new library has 3D printers! Yay! :slight_smile:


I can see that the time has come for me to start researching all the nearby library systems! :face_with_monocle:

THANK YOU @victormaletic for yet another excellent treatise of how to get to most out of our inexpensive cameras! :smiley: :pray:

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Seriously, some libraries even allow people FREE prints of up to so much material per month, and only pay if you use more than that. But since it’s a library, even just paying for the material is usually close to cost anyway even if we pay for it all, which is reasonable IMO anyway. It’s such a cool thing to have in libraries.


Wow. I just googled “3D printing library near me” and got an immediate hit for a nearby metro area where I used to live and still have good friends. :grin:

It even had those magic words - " How much does it cost? - 3D printing is currently free "

The world is indeed getting to be a cool place!


Thanks so much for your feed back on my Angled Window Mount question. Althought I do understand some of what you are saying here, it’s somewhat over my head and I don’t have familiarity or access to 3D printing.
I just want to be able to estimate an angle (left) at ? degrees and buy the resulting product online when it becomes possible to do so. Sadly it ooks like I’m out of luck…tlhutch4

Wow, @victormaletic. What a humbling experience! I was amazed to read the write-up you provided and see the freely downloadable designs you’ve engineered. It makes my WyzeCamPanV1 shelf look like child’s play.

Well done and thanks,


How do you keep the camera from seeing its own reflection in the glass?

Hey @ravenrgg When my two PanCamV1’s still worked (which was very seldom) but now don’t work at all, I just lived with the fact that the cameras would only capture decent video when the outdoor area was lighted with full-sun and inside wasn’t getting glare off the windows. Live and learn! But since the V1’s are no longer supported, they are now just paper weights and I bought two CamV2’s and am considering printing the solution offered by @victormaletic .

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I found this: You may want to check it out:

You will need to turn off Night Vision IR lights under “Advance Section”

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@altaid Thanks to both for the suggestions. I put a black patch material that you iron on clothes with holes in them to cut down on the glare. I just thought there may be a better solution.

Hello All and @altaid.

Amazon.com: Adhesive Corner Mount for Wyze Cam Pan & Pan V2, Titled Wall…

Amazon.com: Adhesive Corner Mount for Wyze Cam Pan & Pan V2, Titled Wall Holder for Better Viewing Angles, Easy to Install Shelf, Strong VHB Tape, No Tools, No Drilling, by Brainwavz : Electronics

I see a simple way to improve the strength of the tape attachment, See picture below.



Hello @tlhutch4 .
Provide me the angle or angles you think will work for your window situation, and I will have it printed at one of my nearby libraries.
Do you want the Square Tube version shown in post 1, or the Full Section version shown in post 5? What color?

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Below are pictures of my cam setup in a window, Also a snapshot of what that camera is seeing.
As you may notice the camera picks up to much building on the right thus losing some visibility on the left because the cam must be flat against the window for max reduction of backlight intrusion.
It’s currently mounted using a Wyze window mount with extra black poster board surrounding the mount to further reduce back lighting at night with a lamp nearby behind the camera (must be there). The cam is fine vertically but should be aimed somewhat left for best results. I also included a pic of the angle window mount that looks perfect for my application however I haven’t established best angle.
Just wanted to post this to see if my idea makes sense to you….tlhutch4