Aiming Adapter Wedges for the Wyze Window Glare Shield

Hello, All.
People have been wishing the Wyze Window mount could be aimed. I thought to provide an angle adaptor wedge for the Wyze Window Mount device. I have links to five different angle wedges, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, and 25°. They can be to the right or to the left by rotating it 180°. Because of the restricted geometry of the wedges, there will be some FOV (field-of-view) loss at the higher angles. The inside space of the wedge has been flared out to reduce the FOV loss.
The picture below is the bottom view of my 15° wedge. This is the window contact surface. Note how the left and right inside faces angle out from the square top opening.

The next picture is my calculation of FOV restrictions for the various wedge angles. I am waiting for a library 3D print so I can check my results.

The shallowest window wedge (5°) at high print quality requires 1 hr 32 min and 8.7 m of filament. the 25° wedge will take about 6hr 25 min and 13.4 m of filament.
A simple way to determine the wedge angle best for you, limited to ± 25° because of FOV restrictions. Picture below.

Here is the link for the protractor PDF file: Aiming Protractor.pdf

This is the live view of the camera on the aiming stand. The camera at this location can view a person from head to toe.

All linked files in this post are for you to use as you please, at no cost to you.

Wyze Window Wedge 5°.stl

Wyze Window Wedge 10°.stl

Wyze Window Wedge 15°.stl

Wyze Window Wedge 20°.stl

Wyze Window Wedge 25°.stl
Below are links to a power cord anchor and a Camera Notch Filler Plate.
The filler plate makes the camera look better if the magnetic stand is removed to reduce weight and make a nicer looking the mount.

V3 Ribbon Cord Anchor.stl

V3 3mm Base Filler Plate.stl

The second, from the top, picture is my simplified calculated results for FOV loss at the supplies wedge angles. The vertical percentage lines are really curved lines.
The four pictures below show how I arrived at FOV losses for multi angle Square Tube Glare Shield.

Finally, I had a 45°x45° Square Tube Glare Shield library printed to check my FOV loss diagrams.
Sq Tube 45°x45° FOV Restrictions Printed
Very similar looking except for the rounded corners in the 3D printed version. The printed one is really a rounded square tube glare shield.

This last picture shows a library-printed Square Tube Glare Shield with a filler plate and power cord holder.

Till later Victor.


Once again, @victormaletic, thank you for a nice, well thought out idea and design!