Help with a better angle mount for wyze doorbell

Need help finding a better angle solution/position for my wyze doorbell. Attached is my doorbell using the angle mount. My door is by the side of that wall.

I’ve seen on on Go there and look. Many of those folks will print it for you for a fee. If not, you can find someone on that will.

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Since the camera angle isn’t towards the wall (look at the concrete), it looks like you have the wedge installed to look away from it?

you can get one of these, all were found at and then enter Wyze in the search bar…


Very nice work there, @spamoni4.


I used some extra Ring brackets…but my Wyze journey is ending as to the issues this Company has…Ring order is here and installing this weekend (been a Ring user for 8yrs). I do like the Toys Wyze offers though.

Hello jayc_10.
Could send a picture of your doorbell setup and whether you want the present aim to be more to the left or the right or downwards?

What Wyze products are you disposing of? I can offload some off you.

Thank you everybody for all the advice, pictures and links. I will look into those and see what best suits my doorbell location. Will send picture asap.

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If your in Jersey…Piscataway Goodwill 8/9…4 Cams, Security package(12 sensors). 5 Camplus license.

@cohibajoe I am very far and maybe selling equipment is not allowed by the rules of the group. I am not sure and I do not want to go against the rules so can we possibly talk outside the forum? On Zuckerberg’s facility, you append “my handle here” and you find me :slight_smile: