Wyze doorbell mounting kit

Looking for a replacement mounting kit for the wyze doorbell

Welcome to the forums! There is not a separate kit, its mounting parts is only offered with the purchase of the doorbell itself at this time. DId something happen that you need it? I have started to see folks that have created or shared 3d printed parts that work with the Wyze Doorbell (more or less “wedge” wedges, etc). Id direct you to search in that direction, dependent on what you needed.

While trying to tuck in the wires I broke one of the mounting taps off the backplate. I’ll check out the 3D printed section


im going to go a different route and actually hand fabricate a bracket this week that is adjustable on the Z and X axis :slight_smile: I cant find any brackets that do what I need and I don’t have a 3d printer…but I do have access to a plasma cutter and welder…it’s just a matter of getting creative and figuring out how to do the dual point…

I’ll definitely be posting pics if it has a pleasing outcome.


Fancy! Cant wait!

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I just got my extended 45° angled mount from Etsy through: NicholsMachineWorks - Etsy.

Life changer I am no longer looking at my wall and now outside and down the path. Great product and he has quite a few more mounting options for the Wyze products. Shipping was quick as well.