Where can I buy the wall plate for my Wyze Doorbell?

Hello! Over the time I had to use the doorbell I’ve had to remove it to reset the WiFi, etc and I am down to my last hinge that is hooking on to the doorbell which makes it pretty loose now.

I’m trying to find the wall plate with the hinge/hooks that attach to the actual door bell unit, but can’t seem to find anywhere. Amazon has got some, but unclear if the wedge they are selling actually comes with the wall plate.

Does anyone know? Thanks!

Look on ebay/Amazon

You can go to Etsy.com and see what they have there for the Doorbell. Here are some examples:


Thanks everyone, I should have been more clear - I’m looking for the final plate that attaches the DOORBELL to the Wedge, not the wedge. The bracket that has the 4 hooks that we click the DOORBELL on.

Thank you for your help!

I found a picture! What I need is the item outlined in red.

Well I would say if you can’t find that item on the web,I would look on ebay for a used/new complete wyze doorbell cheap

Did you find one? Sll of my clips are broken too. I taped it in place!

Did you find one? I am amazed that no one has 3D printed one, yet, but I have yet to find one to replace my broken one.

I think I have a workaround. I was interested in getting a solar panel for my Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, but the mounting plate that goes between the doorbell and the wedge was broken on my doorbell. I found in the Wasserstein Solar Panel manual that it appears to come with that plate for the doorbell, because it has to accommodate the power connector being connected all the time. I am ordering it now and we’ll find out. The Wasserstein website seems to have the lowest price currently, but I am not sure about shipping charges, yet.