Any unused doorbell wedge?

Looking for anyone who would be willing to send an unused wedge for mounting the video doorbell.

Mine got accidently crushed. Need it to fix angle for parents house.

Let me know if you’re willing to part with it.


Doorbell 1 or Pro? Sorry I see the tag, just making sure.

Either way I have both. Happy to reuse or repurpose. I am not using mine.


Doorbell 1, that would be great. Thank you. Email me directly, and we can share info
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you can do a web search for Wyze video doorbell wedge you’ll find multiple sellers for different wedges, I needed a straight wedge in order to have space for the wires. This is on Amazon, Wasserstein Vertical Adjustable Angle Mount and Wall Plate Compatible with Wyze Video Doorbell - 0° to 15° Adjustment. Wasserman also makes a side to side adjustable wedge.