Wedge Kit for Doorbell Pro

I just received the Wyze Doorbell Pro after waiting months for it to available.
The Quick Start Guide and the installation instructions mention a Wedge Kit for this unit.
The IN THE BOX list does not list the Wedge Kit and the Wedge Kit was not in the package that I received from Wyze.
I talked with Wyze support and they are still checking to see if I should have received this or not.

Has anyone received the Wedge Kit with their Doorbell Pro?


Need to convey to Customer Support that the Wyze website’s “In the box” list indicates that a “15º Wedge Kit” is included. Follow this link, click “Details” at the top, then click “In the box”:

Hopefully, someone who has received this Doorbell Pro can verify. Tagging in @Mavens for additional assistance.


Not a Maven, but a kind passerby that can validate that the Video Doorbell Pro that I received did come with a wedge mount.

As @Seapup indicated, give support a call, and should you have any issue give me a shout, I will gladly send you the one pictured. I will not be using it.


This in the box list lists the 15 degree Wedge Kit and not the Corner Kit.

The “In the Box List” in the Quick Start Guide lists the Corner kit

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Judging from the photo, this is the Corner Kit, not the Wedge Kit.
See the attached photo of the Quick Start Guide.
The Wedge Kit has a completely different hole pattern.

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My apologies. I do not have that… but boy that seems confusing as the product page says 15 degree wedge kit.

My only remaining pieces below, as I installed the 3M mount plate.

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That looks like it’s about a 15 degree angle. I would think that the corner kit would be around a 45 degree angle. Maybe the QSG has a misprint? If we can’t get a definite answer by Monday, I’ll see if I can get this issue up to Wyze.


Has anyone found out how to get the wedge kit? I actually need this as I have vertical shingle style siding.
I don’t see how to order it and I did order and receive the doorbell pro kit.

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The Wedge Kit is not yet available. I received a response from support indicating that the Wedge Kit will be available in the future and that they did not have a price specified yet. Also the email indicated that I should watch for an announcement in future newsletters.


Jimmy, did your Doorbell fit correctly into the backplate? I got two cameras and none of them fit correctly into the backplate :smiling_face_with_tear:

I am finding the back plates a bit of a puzzle, also. I want to use the corner piece but also understand I need to use another plate to lock the doorbell. But the holes are not matching. This is so strange.

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To I bought one for me and one for my mom. Hers had one 15º wedge but mine didn’t. Not that big of a deal to me as for our respective homes we both need vertical wedges to make full use of the doorbell cams.

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After not getting around to installing mine for a while, opened the factory sealed box today to see my Wedge and Corner Kit were missing, but were listed as “in the box”. Just reporting.


Wyze would sell many more Doorbell pros if they would include some kind of wedge kit for vinyl or wood clapboard siding. Clapboard siding has about a 4" reveal. I was going to but the pro, but when you need to search the net for another product to install the doorbell to compensate for the length and angel, it’s is a huge turn off. which makes me pass on the doorbell pro. Any suggestions? Please help…

I also was expecting a wedge. It did not come in the package.

Is this normal with Wyze? Recieved today with No Wedge in my packaging

Here it is December 18 and I was told by support that there is no vertical wedge available and there is no plans to have one.

According to Wyze, despite what their site says, the Quick Start Guide now says the Wedge Kit is optional. The Wedge Kit is ONLY available as a bundle from Home Depot! But Wyze hopes to have it available from their site someday. This is false advertising and disgusting. I now have to return the useless doorbell I purchased from Wyze in order to buy from Home Depot.

There’s a seller on Ebay selling custom printed wedge kits since Wyze can’t seem to get their products together.