Doorbell Swivel Mount - Finally mated two wedges to get a street view for my side mounted doorbell

There was no response from Wyze regarding a suggestion to create a doorbell camera with the ability of the camera section to swivel up to 90 degrees to face the street for those of us that have side mounted doorbells buttons. I first purchased the Wzye doorbell wedge which got
me about a 22 degree angle towards the street but still not enough. I recently found online a "horizontal adjustable angle mount’ for the the Wyze doorbell from the folks at Wasserstein. I ordered it and I was able to mate it to the Wyse wedge and achieve a street view. The only issue was I had to use two longer screws to fasten the Wasserstein mount to the Wyze mount. Other than that everything worked fine and I now can see who is walking up to the front door. I hope this helps some of you.


Great application! Sometimes you have to think outside the box to get things the way you need them!

I have used Wasserstein mounts as well, but I needed a vertical wedge and a horizontal one. Posted about it here.

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That’s pretty cool. I didn’t realize they had these for the Wyze Video Doorbells. I knew about a lot of their other stuff.

Looks like they make a similar wedge for the VDBPro too ($12.99 at time of writing):

They also have a cool vertical wedge:

That would have come in handy at my previous house. They have everything on their website and Amazon at decent prices. I am glad 3rd parties make some additional add-on solutions for us. :slight_smile:


That’s cool, just saw your post. Interesting to double them up. Cool idea.

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This is still the best Wyze Doorbell IMHO.

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Really ? What’s wrong with the VDP , I’m looking for a video doorbell but have been put off because of reading sooo many bad reviews

I have both VDB and VDBPro and I honestly love the VDBPro a lot, though the VDB looks cool and is tiny and the Pro is huge by comparison. I like both, but I prefer the Pro overall. I can see so much more in every direction.

Though the Pro is PIR based, while the VDB is pixel motion based. I do prefer Pixel motion detection in general. You generally catch a lot more activity that way.