Wyze video door bell - video angle after installation

Hi all,

Any idea how to change the ANGLE (mine is with wedge) AFTER INSTALLATION?

note that when I installed it, I got the notification about at what angle I should set my video bell, but now after installing I realize that I need to tilt it little more, so without removing the bell from the WEDGE/MOUNTING PLATE and WITHOUT RESETTING THE WHOLE BELL.

I do not see any options in the app to change the angle.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

There is no adjustment for the video angle of the doorbell. The wedge is the only way to do that. It will require unmounting it and remounting it with additional wedges.

The question is which way?

If you need additional horizontal angle, I would suggest an aftermarket wedge off of Amazon with a steeper wedge angle. They also make adjustable wedges.

If you now need vertical adjustment, you may need to add a vertical wedge to the horizontal one, also available in adjustible.

Here is a post from mine. I had to stack 2 wedges to get the right angle:

There are lots of products out there that will do the job.


Here is a great double vertical adjustable wedge application;


What angle do you want to tilt or rotate the camera to? What’s the view of the camera currently?