Wyze Video Doorbell Vertical Wedge Kit through Wyze

It’s good to see that that Wyze has these vertical ramps.

It’s NOT so good to see that they are only available in doorbells bought through Home Depot.

When might they be available for we peeps that already have this doorbell, and would like to be able to see our stoop rather than the blue sky (or rain, depending on weather.)

More info would be appreciated.


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Wasserstein Vertical Adjustable Angle Mount and Wall Plate Compatible with Wyze Video Doorbell - 0° to 15° Adjustment https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09HGRPKRQ/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_03XS8384WANZM48ZYSGN

Hey everyone! Just an update on the Wasserstein Vertical Adjustable Wedge Doorbell (VDBv1 wired) mount from Amazon I linked in my last post. :point_up:

I previously used the Horizontal Wedge provided by Wyze on my initial install but it did not give me the downward angle I needed:


Since Wyze won’t sell me one of the Vertical Wedges unless I buy the whole Doorbell Bundle from Home Depot… Why? as noted from the OP link above (thanks @andrew30622).

So, here is the view now with the Wasserstein Vertical Adjustable Wedge AND the Horizontal Wedge in place:


You can see the improvement with the added 15° downward angle.

NOTE: The if you are using BOTH wedges, the Wyze Horizontal Wedge MUST go on the bottom and attach to the house. The new Vertical Wedge will mount to the Wyze Horizontal Wedge but it will NOT mount in the reverse order.

Here are some pics:

And yes, I have taped over the K’Mart Blue Light Special Beacon on the front of the doorbell. If Wyze can’t come up with a way to shut it off I will.

Hope this helps!