Wyze doorbell pro needs a wedge kit - where to buy

I recently purchased a Wyze door bell pro .
The quick start guide mentions that with a vertical wedge kit I will be able to see packages laid on the floor .
But actually Wyze says this wedge kit doesn’t exist for door bell pro .
That sucks .
Where can I buy a knock off vertical wedge kit that serves this purpose ?
Otherwise I cannot use a door bell camera that can’t see packages on the floor .

Ps - there is the regular Wyze door bell camera that comes with vertical wedge kit but that camera needs to be wired at an existing door bell location .

Welcome to the community @verychillangel

Here are a couple I found on Etsy

Wyze Doorbell Pro 45 Degree Mount - Etsy

Wyze Doorbell Pro Vertical Tilt Adapter - Etsy


Thank u so much !