Doorbell face down jig / Vertical Wedge

Looking for a doorbell part/jig so it will face down to capture the porch - which is where packages rest. Without the doorbell facing down the doorbell misses it when the delivery folk throw a package on the porch without standing in front of the door. My ugly home made jig works but Wyze does a great job listening to customers. Please vote for this request!

Wyze makes a Vertical Doorbell Wedge.

Unfortunately I believe it was only found in the Doorbell Wedge Kit sold with the doorbell bundle at Home Depot. I don’t think they sell it individually yet.

I use this one:

you could also go with something that was 3D Printed:

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I also made my own according to what I required for my porch but there are many people that don’t have the skills or the tools necessary for some things. I have found many other options online for wedges that do a lot of things, that’s usually where I direct people because each person’s use is different, but I was able to work mine out similar to yours and do what I required for my small porch. Well done!

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I’m 3d printing my own also, but it would have been much more convenient to purchase both the vertical wedge kit and the doorbell at the same time so I didn’t have delay installation. Took me a few days to find someone who was willing to let me use their 3d printer. Home Depot did not have the kit in my store.

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