Wyze Doorbells - Provide downloadable STL files for wedge mounting plates

The Vertical Wedge Kit that is only available in HomeDepot product should be available on it’s own through Wyze. Please post the 3D STL files so we can access this accessory at a low cost.
It has been listed as planned to be available from Wyze for a very long time but even if it was sold the price would be so low the shipping would be more than the product.
A 3D print file would be in line with the company vision of treating the customers as friends.

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Provide CAD models for camera mount bases - for 3D printing use

Wyze - Please provide a dimensioned drawing or 3D model of the mounting plate for the doorbell cameras.

This would allow users to make a CAD model of a wedge (i.e) with varying angles suited for a particular install that could be 3D printed.

I need a wedge that will angle the camera down slightly and would prefer to have a one-piece solution instead of needing a separate spacer under the current wedge.

I did this for my Doorbell v1, but had to reverse engineer the dimensions and screw hole locations/etc and it took more iterations and prints than it would have if a dimensioned drawing or 3D model was available from wzye.



I understand that there are third-party solutions available, though I have no experience with their quality. I’m also aware of some user-created designs that are available for download from various sites, and that’s what I’m considering since there’s no apparent option (yet) for the new Video Doorbell v2. (Just yesterday I signed up for the required classes from my local library, which offers 3D printing as a service for certified patrons.). Given the DIY nature of many Wyze customers and their abilities to overcome the shortcomings of some Wyze products and services (like getting the new doorbell to activate announcements on Google Home devices when Wyze doesn’t yet offer a native integration), this seems like an easy way to appease the customer/user community.

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FWIW - here is my wedge design for the v2 video doorbell to tilt out and down.

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Super design.

Groovy. Thanks for sharing this. After I learn how to do some additive manufacturing, I hope to find a design (or modify someone else’s design) that will both angle the Video Doorbell v2 downward and cover the microSD card port.

I finally got around to modifying another design I found online and posting the remix of what I did in order to get the angle I wanted:


Well done!

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Thanks! I’m new to this whole additive manufacturing thing, but I’m having fun learning and trying to make practical things. :upside_down_face:

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