Flip Wyze doorbell cam video

Wyze video doorbell has not option to flip the video feed 180 degrees like all the other cameras do. For people who have narrow doorways and are forced to use the wedge to install, the wedge only faces one way, so the doorbell must be installed upside down. The video feed however, cannot currently be rotated 180 degrees.

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The horizontal wedge is universal and can point left or right. The doorbell flat mounting plate with the hooks that the doorbell clips onto will always mount onto the wedge, regardless if the wedge is pointing left or right, with the hook clips always pointing up. This way you shouldn’t have to mount it upside down.

If you remove the flat mounting plate from the wedge, flip it 180°, and reattach it, your doorbell should be oriented correctly.


If the wedge is flipped 180, the hooks will face up but the camera will be pointed in the opposite direction (right instead of left). The hooks on the wedge only face a certain direction and it is angled, so geometrically it is not universal for all configurations, especially with a tight door space.

Do not flip the wedge 180°. Leave that attached to the wall.

Remove the flat mounting plate, the plastic flat plate with the hooks attached to the front of the wedge by 2 screws, and rotate that 180° so that the wedge is still attached to the wall and still pointed in the correct direction and the hooks on the flat mounting plate are now pointed up.


Even some third party mounts may be optimal here also… Like so:

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I have the Wyze horizontal wedge with the Wasserstein Vertical wedge stacked.

There was one post I read that stacked 2 horizontal wedges to get a near 90° turn from a side wall mount.



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Those are cool! I like the micro adjustability.

I early accessed a few VDBs but had to beg for a vertical wedge from a friend that bought them from Home Depot right at launch. The EA ones didn’t have the vertical wedge, only the right/left, and the HD ones had all the goodies.

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Understand that. When I bought, I think the horizontal wedge came in the kit. The Vertical wedges weren’t available to be purchased from Wyze but could be bought at Home Depot but only as a part of that Wyze Doorbell kit.

I just looked and still don’t see a vertical wedge as an available accessory.