Mounting hardware for the Cam Pan

I looked on the website and I don’t see where the Cam Pan comes with any mounting hardware. Is that correct?

That is correct. It will stand by itself on a flat surface and there’s a 1/4-20 standard camera mount screw hole on the bottom for attaching a large variety inexpensive mounts that be found on Amazon, etc.

Thank you for the information!

I sort of made my own homemade wall mount for the Pan. Took a small piece of 3" x 3" aluminum angle iron (out of the scrap bin of my local metal place), and two of the medium sized 3M Commander strips (used for hanging picture frames, etc.) and it works perfect and looks pretty nice too. Will have to post a pic sometime.


Please upload a pic. Mounting has been my only concern with the WCP. Really interested to see what you came up with. ?