Flush Mount for the Pan

I’m looking to mount a Pan to an overhang; the Pan will be upside down. I’d like the camera to be flush with the mounting surface. However, most commercially available mounts will cause the camera to be 3-4" above (below in this case) the mounting surface.

Has anyone seen a flush mount or possibly fabricated something up on their own?

You could try something like these hanger bolts.

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Thank you! That’s a great idea. I’ll give that a go. I appreciate the guidance!

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It should be 1/4-20 threads in the base

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Just curious here; if it’s mounted flush to a high location like an overhang, won’t it lead to the ‘home’ position’s view being higher than you want ?

I have 5 pan cams, and not one of them will stay ‘parked’ in any position other than ‘home’. I had to aim them so that the home position is where I want; making the pan functionality more of a hinderence than a help for me. I tried clearing detection zones and setting waypoints, etc. as I have seen discussed, but regardless of what I did, a few seconds after I panned to the desired position, the camera would move back to where it wanted to be instead. Am I missing something ?

I’m having a similar issue with one of my pans. I set a way point and it works fine for a few days. On it’s own, it’ll revert to another non set way point. Resetting the way point fixes it. Tech support said it may be corrupt portion of the SD card. I haven’t reformatted the card to test that theory out.

Old thread…but wanted to update everyone. The hanger bolts worked perfectly! I ended up cutting some of the machine threaded end off so it would truly be a flush mount with the surface. Worked well and very low cost. Thanks all.