Screw Outdoor Into Tree

Someone knocked down my Outdoor off a tree and lost the screws. It was screwed in attached to base’s 2 screw holes. Can you suggest best size / type screws to fit base screw holes to put it back up? Thanks.

The original screw shaft is 1/8 inch dia. The head is 3/16" dia. the total length is 15/16" Just take the base to a hardware store and find something that will fit in the notch of the base. Maybe get some screws 1 to 1.25 inches long. If you have a drill I would make a small pilot hole with a bit smaller than 1/8" if the tree is hardwood. I would get stainless steel screws. This is for the WYZE Cam Outdoor and probably the V3 also as I think the screws all look the same size to me. Other mounts The cam screws onto the shaft, more adjustments than original base. My were made by Wasserstein

I have some of these also;Another Edit** Sorry this is a link to Amazon Canada, I forgot I have my VPN set to Canada. :upside_down_face: You can find the same mounts on Amazon US.


Antonius – Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. Very helpful. Going to Home Depot tomorrow. Appreciated!

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Antonius – As a follow up, #6 stainless steel screws - right size. Screwed them into the Cam base and tree. Didn’t seem necessary to put them in tree first and then try to slide them down into notches. I don’t know when or why I would need to remove the base, since the Cam can be removed from the magnet easily. Thanks!

Thanks for the information, I am sure it will help someone else. You are not the first person that has lost the screws and asked about the size. Won’t be the last either :upside_down_face: