OD Battery Cam Pro, I got Screws?

Love the Cam
Love the Concept

But the screws,
Oh, those long, thin n easy to strip, screws !

I stripped all 3, long b4. I could ever get them flush, with the mounting bracket.

Anyone kno, what size they are ?

I have plenty of wood screws. Yet these have a compact head n thin design.

Which allows the base cap, to screw in snuggly, into the base plate.

If I know the compatible screw size, (head size is important ) then, I can get the proper replacements.

Thx !

Does the tech specs from the product page help you out with what you need?


In my defense,

( A man who represents himself, as his own Atty. Has a fool for a client ! ).

I did check the box & Instructions, b4 posting !

The People’s Court Stands Adjourned !
Case Closed