Wyze Outdoor Camera - Screws

Just got my Wyze Outdoor Camera and had a simple question…

Are the included screws rust-resistent? Are they stainless steel or galvanized zinc?

They are not. Mine are rusted and I’m trying to find the proper size so I can buy replacements.

Mine are stainless steel and have been outside for a year, no rust. Go to the hardware store and get a #5 or #6 stainless steel screw 15/16 inch long. A #5 will fit in the slot to slide the cam on to, a #6 will fit through the hole for the base directly. Take the base with you to check the fit.

I bought these screws at Ace Hardware today. They fit the wyze cam outdoor perfectly. They are a bit longer than the factory provided screws making them easier to screw into trees.

Glad you found a fit for your use. This is an original screw.

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