Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach

I am on the East coast of Canada. Temps have gone to -30C. I have 2 V2 and a Pan cam outside all winter for the past 2 years. They have never quit working.


Hello, fruanoc.
I have two questions about your camera installation. Why is there a gap between the camera base and the soffit?
Is that a twist-wire-tie at the left forward corner of the base? If so what is it for?
A possible concern may be a gust of wind blowing on the power cord causing the camera to change its aim.
If the aim does change, perhaps installing a wood spacer between the soffit and the camera’s base with a thickness equal to the soffit gap plus the stand extension gap. This would provide a compact installation resistant to aim change. With the camera collapsed there would be less incentive for bugs and spiders to make themselves at home.
Victor Maletic.

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I bet it (the gap) was due to the wedge shoved under the base to give a more level picture Another Corona ma’am

Hello Big_monkey.
Hold off on that Corona while I show you what I see. Initially, I thought it was a wedge issue. If there is a wedge, it is not visible from the near faces of the camera. If the wedge is on the far faces of the camera, I would expect the geometric lines drawn upon the picture to be converging in the opposite direction. Of course, I may be wrong.

Let’s have a Corona anyway.

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The part that I noticed is in the upper right part of the shadow area looks like it could be a wedge or something or it could be a droopy hinge except the hinges don’t work that direction

<Corona made me hungry, gonna have a taco>

Hello Big_monkey.
After the taco is finished, pick a number or between numbers where you think a wedge may be to help me see what you are seeing.

Now I want a taco.

Well Victor you have caused my beer to get warm whilst I put said photo under my electron microscope and Lo and behold, minus half a dozen dust mite turds I can’t find anything resembling what I thought I originally viewed… Maybe it’s a sloppy mount job? I can’t tell. <old eyes, corona or perhaps a combination> :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The tacos were good though.

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Hi Victor,
Yes, it is twist-wire-tie. I used tie wire (alambre de amarre) instead of double faced tape or screws to have it more secured. As you can see the pics from the camera, it only takes one side of the street, so I thought it could be easy to take off coming from the opposite direction. With the tie-wire it will be more difficult to take off than screws and double-sided tape. :nerd_face:

The gap is doe to the thickness of the tie-wire. It might look loose, but I made sure wind won’t move or change its aim. There were already some holes on the soffit which I used to pass through the tie-wire, and twisted it as tight as possible, but not too tight that could damage the wire itself. Surely I could put the spacer, but it won’t make any difference since the tie-wire I used is pretty strong. :sunglasses:

Big Monkey,
Yes, it looks kinda sloopy, but it is stronger than it seems… :smile:

The power cord is the white one though. :wink:

Francisco Ruano (fruanoc)

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Horses mouth is best source right Vic…

If you’re buying a horse Big_monkey.

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Thanks for the response Francisco.

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Bravo, Crispy!

Hey does anyone know where I can get a 3.7” x 2.6” x 2.75” junction box with clear lid? Searched amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s and eBay… nothing. I want to create an anti-theft cover for a Wyze outdoor camera.

If you are looking for protection for Wize Cam V2 or Wyze cam Pan, you should look for enclosures instead of junction box…

Here are some enclosures for V2 and Pan:


Maybe here??

(Attachment is missing)

Hello BinB1954
One way of getting a junction box with a clear lid, is to get a suitable sized junction box and replace the opaque lid with a piece of 1/4" or 3/8" thick clear polycarbonate cut and drilled to fit with caulking for a weather seal. The junction boxes are very sturdy.
Victor Maletic.

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Thanks for the tip, but no not those just the Wyze outdoor camera.

If you’re suggesting a Google search… of course that was done but nothing of that size in the time searched.

Thank you. The priority is finding a box the size dimensions mentioned.