Garbage Cans with Contact Sensors

Someone has been dumping trash into my garbage cans. I don’t mind helping someone out, but if they cross-contaminate, I could be billed extra.
The following pictures show how the contact sensor was taped to my garbage cans.
This picture shows the finished application to the blue can.

I had some trouble taping in the sending unit. The tape would get crinkled up and have a weak bond. the following group picture shows how I got a good tape job.

This is how the finished sending unit tape job looks.

In some of the pictures above, a button magnet can be seen that was used with the sending unit. I thought it would look nicer than it turned out, so I used the Wyze bar magnet without its case.
This group picture shows how the bar magnet was de-cased.

This last picture is the finished bar magnet attachment. It looks cleaner than the button magnet.

Victor Maletic


Do the sensors trigger a camera?

Yes they do
They trigger a dedicated v2 that is yet to be permanently mounted. The mount is to be attached to an existing mounted v2, but its view aim will differ 90 deg horizontally and with a similar downward angle.
The mystery nocturnal depositor (2 to 3 am) is an elderly woman with mental illness. Her latest deposits were a hand gun, hand tools, beach towel and a box of 100 bed pads (pretty heavy). Victor Maletic

That is pretty funny really. :blush:

I gave her husband a v2 camera and app access to my garbage cam. I will set aside non-garbage before pickup on collection day.

A neighbor with mental illness with access to handguns. Nice.

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Turns out the gun was a CO2 powered BB gun he was muzzle loading with salt to control carpenter bees. The real firearms are in safes without her access. Even so, a good way to get yourself shot.

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Wow that is a sad story. I think the proper place for sensors, alarms, and/or cameras is in their house. :frowning: