Fix-It Friday - June 2024

I agree with @sodcam … If this is no longer a granted feature, then can we either please get this wishlist changed to a different status so we can go back to voting on it and soliciting votes for it on other platforms, OR should someone submit a NEW wishlist request to have it restored so we can refer people to vote it?

On behalf of all the people here, I will plan to ask about this further in the next AMA. :slight_smile:



See what I mean?




You were absolutely correct. They got some ‘splainin’ to do. Right now this issue is known by a limited group of people, but I can see a lot more soon becoming increasing concerned about this as it means that Wyze has a huge vulnerability. In no way should anyone EVER put a sign on their house saying they use Wyze for their cameras/security because that tells any criminal they can do whatever they want there, as long as they walk out with all the cameras and set them up on a new account as soon as they’re done. Nobody can retrieve any evidence of their misdeeds because it won’t be stored in the cloud recordings, and that is something that will be very concerning to most people for which saving recordings to the cloud for extra protection (thieves can’t access it) is one of the obvious main reasons to get it. It doesn’t make sense to make it easy for them to remove all the evidence. :thinking: I would love to hear the rationale for doing this on purpose. :man_shrugging: And we will let the people decide in an AMA if it is something they’d like Wyze to answer. I’m a HUGE Wyze lover, but this intentional decision confounds me.


Sometimes I understand things. I can learn.

So…none of these:

Got it. :+1:

Building on that, I imagine when that isn’t the case (as it seems to be currently), then that probably makes it harder for someone like @WyzeMatt to do his job, because he can no longer bank on that as a selling point. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I’m about as puzzled about it as I get when I read some of @peepeep’s posts, and I say that with all due respect to the :frog:.


Yes, I agree. I would think if @WyzeMatt 's main job is “Subscription Growth” that he’d also be concerned that the subscriptions have such a big security vulnerability. I’m sure he’ll probably be bringing it up to people too. It’s hard to convince people to get a security type of subscription where a criminal can easily nullify it and remove all evidence so simply.

But yes, I have always told people that you should never post a sign advertising the security system you use, because that makes it easy for burglars to just google the weaknesses of that company and know how to bypass it. Now having a Wyze sign would just tell people how to do that with very little risk. Signs are actually helpful deterrents, but ALWAYS use different signs or generic signs. I actually do have security signs around my house, but they don’t say Wyze on them. :slight_smile:

OMG! So true! I love Mr. Peepers, but sometimes I feel lost with a couple of things he says. Sometimes I just assume I am too young to understand some of his witty old references.


It seems to not make any sense.

This is a major can of worms.


My main purpose for cloud recording was for security. In fact that is why I left Eufy and moved to Wyze. I started with the doorbell and wanted to be sure that if the doorbell was ripped off the front porch I might at least have that last recording.

I’ve canceled my Wyze subscription. It’s pretty simple to cancel and since you continue the service until the renewal expiration, it doesn’t matter if you still have 10 months left. If by chance Wyze sees this issue for what it is and they fix it, it would be easy to reinstate the subscription without any lapse… but then again, would it even matter if there was a lapse?

I was looking at Cove security systems. They actually bundle Eufy cameras with their systems. It’s been a while since I used Eufy, but after this, I can’t imagine it could be worse.

I think Wyze has lost it’s way… They have some great products and I have lots of them, but this is crazy.


That brings to mind a post by @WyzeMatt in a topic with an eerily similar title:

Since he was pointedly soliciting feedback from Forum users, and this specific issue seems like the kind of thing that would have a direct impact on his ability to grow subscriptions, that topic :point_up: seems like a relevant place to share the strong opinions people here clearly have about the issue that bubbled up from this topic:

Hopefully someone in a position of authority at Wyze will take the time to read that one, too. :crossed_fingers:


You are not alone and I’m not that young :rofl:


That was the info I was given, I am trying to get more info as to what the rationale was if it was truly intentional, but I do not have that yet. I am just being transparent with what I know so far. I figured that would be better than me dodging it until I had all the info.


Ok, it seems I pushed enough with the right people that they see this is a feature that needs to be restored. I do not have a timeline yet, but it will be coming back.


You’re a good man @WyzeJasonJ in a difficult position.


I second what @ssummerlin said. Thank you for everything!


This is one of the things that I appreciate the most. Although I don’t expect any sort of “open letter” regarding this particular issue, I believe that such communication can be helpful in assuaging the ire and mistrust among users that this episode has provoked, and I can only hope for more transparency in the future.


Poor @WyzeJasonJ


Jason rocks. He’s like this…

… except in the realm of tech rep/advocacy. :+1:

Customer → Maven → Mod → Digital Community Manager for Wyze!



This was finally fixed for me last week in app beta v3.0.0 (b489). They said it should have been fixed in v2.5+, but it was still broken for me until v3.0. If you don’t have the beta app, hopefully it will be fixed for you soon as well.


Yes, Jason, thank you so much!


Any updates on the event view playback button either being greyed out or says no sd card (in newest version of the app), even though you can view sd card playback through live view?

I bought a v3 double pack. 1 camera activated several months ago, no issues, 2nd camera activated last week & has this issued. Both have exact same issue.

Tried activating a few more v3s & all have same issue. Can only assume this is something server or app side and/or maybe a CamPlus Lite issue.

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I cannot stand the new v3Pro and newer interface. If you need to review hours of video by using the FF function it is almost unusable. I had a v3Pro hooked up for 4 hours and returned it. It took over 3-weeks for my refund to be issued.

I do own a v4, and love the picture quality, but again, cannot stand the user interface for the reason mentioned above. I have not played with the audio settings. I suspect the stuttering issue is only on the original v3 as it has been traced back to a specific firmware update. Downgrade to an ancient version and the stuttering issue goes away.

Have fun with your new cam.