Doorbell - Option to turn off push button LED or change color

New owner VDBP and agree about the light. It attracts too much attention. Should only come on with very close range. Mine seems to randomly pulse whether standing in from or not, and I verified I am fully connected to my network when it’s going on and off.

Could you upload a short clip of this pulsing?

To my knowledge that is not planned…

Can you see it both with your eye when you’re looking at it and also through the live view when you’re streaming it?

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I’ll take video of it as soon as I can.

Not sure what you mean by this

“ and also through the live view when you’re streaming it?”

When I’m looking at live view in the Wyze app?

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Yes that’s correct When you’re viewing through the app are you able to see the pulsing on the live view as well

Sorry for not being more understandable,

Here’s the video
Hope it helps

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Here is a support knowledge article which may help here.


You’re no help at all Tony!

We don’t want that blue status light or we need a easy to disable it so that it’s not announcing to the world that we have a doorbell camera recording.

It seems you guys don’t even understand the complaint thread from almost 2 years ago and just throws in canned responses to avoid addressing your customer’s need.

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@ropo3464, The Forum is a User to User platform. @Omgitstony, along with the rest of the Community Volunteers are Wyze users, customers like you, who have experience w\ Wyze products and the Forum and volunteer to share that with other users. If a Wyze Team Member is active here in the Forum, you will see a Wyze logo on their Avatar and it will identify them as a Wyze Team Member.

Yes, we all want the blue light to be a user defined toggle on both the VDBPro and VDBv1. But until that happens, IF that is even an option that can be firmware modified, we all have to deal with what we have. Since this is still in a Maybe Later status, that may be a while. Threads above have described ways users have masked the LED signature.

@Max_Kapasity, is the VDBP hard wired to power? The light looks to be pulsing. According to the specs, the light will pulse when in Standby mode if it is hardwired. It is also supposed to pulse when viewing Live Stream or when it is recording an Event Video. The Motion Sensitivity setting will affect how close someone needs to be before it starts a motion activated Event recording.

However, the flickering of the light is concerning. That does not look normal at all. If it is hard wired to power, it may indicate an issue with the transformer power being delivered.

Capturing a video of when the pulsing light happens is difficult since you don’t want to be forcing a motion activated Event recording when you are doing it. This is when another Wyze Cam with an SD Card set to continuous comes in handy so you can capture the VDBP behavior in the wild without any intereference.


Thx for the status light info.
My vdbp is not hard wired. I see the flickering. I don’t have another camera except my phone maybe I can put it on a tripod and turn off package recognition

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I totally agree! This is my wish also! Two years ago I wrote up this craft project for myself and to help the community who are in the same situation, those that didn’t want the bright blue button light on their doorbell. Until the setting is there to toggle it, tips, tricks or hacks have to be used if we still want to use the device and deal with the issue. Here is that wrote up (it’s for the original doorbell, but maybe a same or similar thing would be made for the pro):

I understand it fully, and have been pretty active in this thread promoting this wishlist topic in hopes that it one day becomes a function. Over two years ago:

Like stated by @SlabSlayer , forum Moderators and Mavens are not Wyze employees, we are community members, users and customers that volunteer our free time to help fellow community members with troubleshooting, education, assistance and to help keep an eye on the forums.


I know I would not like to void any warranty or damage the unit trying this out, But would either of the following possibly work:

Option 1: Pull circuit board and disable power to the LED by desoldering and removal.
Option 2: Pull circuit board and obscure LED(s) with black RTV.

Option 2 sounds like a good choice, however, either option renders the LED useless and at night the light is somewhat helpful for people actually ringing doorbell. Ultimate option would be freedom to configure the LED settings in APP.


Well my official stance is to not void warranty’s, but that option is up to you. I didn’t want to block the status light on my original doorbell completely, because I like being able to use it as a status light also. If I were to block it completely, or disable it by performing surgery, I wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot issues if any where to arise.

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I have had the doorbell pro for so long now that it no longer bothers me. Does the light actually change state if there is an issue such as lost connection? Could that be counterintuitive for porch thieves to know when the camera is having issues?


Here and here are the Support articles outlining what each status light indicates. The original has more variation, I think that’s because that’s a hardwired model.


Would seem easy enough if you can turn it on as a status indicator you should be able to turn it off.

I just got an HOA complaint and then subsequent $100 fine for the stupid blue light on the ring doorbell pro model…My neighbors accused me of spying on them because every time they walked by my door, the blue ring LED would turn on. My neighbors claimed the blue light made them uncomfortable. I live in a condo where my front door is up and down a long hallway of other condo front doors, so not only does the annoying doorbell-chime from the camera itself annoy my neighbors in our enclosed hallway (another Wyze wish thats gone ignored by Wyze Devs), but the blue light also annoys my neighbors…and quite frankly, I agree with my neighbors. My HOA board even said that if I could disable the blue light and also annoying doorbell chime that things would probably be fine and I could keeo the camera…but then I stumble upon this thread here and discover that Wyze hasnt cared about any of this for over a year. So now I get to take down the camera and return it…which is painfully frustrating because other than the horrendous inability to disable the doorbell LED and chime, the camera was an otherwise great product that I was hoping to be able to rely on for my home security. The people that defend Wyze’s inaction in these forums is also super frustrating IMO. Im a software developer and have been for a decade now; and Id nearly bet my truck on the fact that the Wyze Devs could simply spend 24 hours or less on pushing out some code to allow customers to disable the doorbell LED and the chime sound at the door. Wyze either enjoys releasing beta-like products that lack incredibly useful and important features that should exist at product launch, or Wyze doesnt have enough developers employed to handle feature releases once new products get released and the devs are forced to work on new projects and hardly have time to revisit products that are already on the salesfloor unless its a critical bug. Someone here in the forum mentioned that Wyze maybe cant mod the firmware to get to the LED or chime…not true, they definitely can. Its almost comical in a sad and ironic way, almost like Stockholm Syndrome, with how some Wyze customers spend the time making up excuses for why Wyze hasnt addressed this; and these customers seem to be downplaying the lack of care or feature request turn-around from the Wyze Dev team or leadership at Wyze…Customers shouldnt have to excuse poor leadership or management when it comes to addressing a poor user story and UI and product issues that multiple users are complaining about such as in this thread here. The only defense I have for the Wyze Devs is that clearly Wyze is on a rampage with releasing new products from gun safes to lightbulbs and security, etc…its certainly a lot to keep up with for the devs Im sure…but heres the answer: HIRE MORE DEVS, WYZE. So all in all, I blame the Wyze Leadership now after Ive thought about all of this aloud. I really wanted this camera to work out. I will probably return my whole Wyze Sense Security System too now, because I needed to integrate all of this together, but Wyze cant be bothered to push some simple code to kill the LED and chime sound from the doorbell camera should the user decide to disable either feature. Thanks a lot Wyze…you cost me an HOA fine and a lot of my own time dealing with setting up the product only to be dissappointed by a lack of basic functions to disable nuisance-features, and now I have to spend time returning all of it and buying something else. Go Wyze!

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This is another case in point for why I refuse to every consider living anywhere run by an HOA. It will never happen. They are often pretty ridiculous, especially fining someone so high immediately without a warning or asking for a change or anything.

But back on topic, just an FYI, we can change the doorbell sound and volume, so that is easily resolved.

I think one solution in your particular case would be to tell the camera to stop recording motion events. If that is toggled off, then the light should not randomly turn on anytime someone walks by. You can simply leave on the doorbell setting for “record when doorbell pressed” and then it will still work as a doorbell, and you will see when someone comes to your door and talk to anyone at your door, and you can change the doorbell chime and lower the volume too. Doing all this would exactly meet the requests of your neighbors, and it would have the added benefit of increasing your battery life A LOT since it isn’t recording every neighbor that walks by, which is what they requested to have stop happening.

The rest of us would still like to have the LED turn off while we let it record motion triggered events, but for your particular case, you could just toggle off motion events and use it strictly as a doorbell when someone presses the button and be able to look and talk to whomever initiates the button push. You could also live stream when wanted (such as to check and see if you have a package or something).

But I get returning it in this case, especially since the HOA already went straight to fining you without talking to you first. That’s ridiculous. I can’t stand HOA’s. I’ve owned a couple of condos in an HOA, and my wife’s been on HOA boards, but I will never personally LIVE somewhere with an HOA. Too many crazy things.


What was the violation then if video doorbells are allowed? Making the neighbors uncomfortable? What’s the process of notification for violations? Straight to unannounced fine or some level of increasing warning level before a fine schedule is reached?

This wish and the wish you reference are both labeled “maybe later”, so they haven’t been ignored. Both had been visited by the powers that be and determined that giving them “maybe later” status was appropriate at that time. It could be worse and labeled as “probably not”, but it’s not so I am hoping for a revisit to this as I hope the resolution to both is as easy as you say. But I am not in software development. I really want this wish and the other wish to become reality. If the “Wyze doorbell Pro” had the control this and the other wish requested, I would use that one instead of the original Wyze doorbell I use now.

Here is more on the maybe later wishlist status tag…

As always, check applicable local laws, HOA bylaws and city ordinances for this as well. I case you have the professional monitoring service with that, some jurisdictions require you to have a permit of some sort set up with your local police or sheriff’s department registering your system. Gotta make sure before you put products into use that you use products that are within the allowances of your area so you yourself arnt violating anything and get fines relating to response from those.


I live in an apartment building and the chime sound in the small hallway is very loud.

Are you saying if we lower the volume of the chime in the app it lowers it on the separate chime speaker in our home, and also at the vdbp device outside the front door?

If so that’s a little helpful, but better would be separate software volume controls. (Even better would be the ability to connect additional hardware chimes for areas further away from area between the wifi router and the door.)

Also while turning off motion events could placate neighbors, then OP loses the ability to record someone trying and failing to break in or any other incident at the door short of pressing the bell.

What about using the Settings/detection/detection zone feature to limit detection area to just in front of your door; perhaps raising the vdbp a little and using a downward sloping wedge to shorten the view.

Hope it works out.

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HOA bylaws dont state “no video doorbells”, but it goes into esthetics and nuisances in the hallways and on front doors and balconies, which is the doorbell chime they have hit me with… others here in the forum mentioned we can lower the chime sound and doorbell volume, that didnt help in my case, the lowest volume is still in an echo chamber that is our primary hallway entrance. Then there is the blue light, yet another nuisance that makes neighbors feel unsafe because it instantly lighta up when they walk by so they know theyre being recorded. Already checked for local laws, no permit required…however I was going to keep it in test mode indefinitely to be honest, at least for a long while until I fully tested the system and my implication of it.

I appreciate you mentioning the “maybe later” aspect…Im aware of that. However these feature requests (dosable LED and chime at the doorbell itself) have impacted users pretty frequently, including in reading reviews on other sites about this same doorbell, and this change literally requires VERY little effort, hence why Im so annoyed they havent fixed this yet. Thanks for your time replying.

Unfortunately in terms of changing the detection zone to minimize motion recording, the camera has such a good field of view and the wallways dimensions are such that there would be no point in using the camera by the time I make it so that no one walking by would easily trigger the camera. Good suggestions and helpful advice from everyone which I truly appreciate.

Ideally, I wanted to record all motion, for both package theft and also possible brazen breaking and entering attempts…but once more, between the blue LED working “too well” and the chime even at its lowest tone, its bugging others. The camera would be perfect for myself (and others) if all we could do is turn off the blue light and chime sound.

Lastly, I will probably contact my attorney regarding the HOA fine without warning and whatnot… However clearly Im not going to win the fight keeping the camera up without a lot more effort, and at the very least not while Wyze lacks the ability to let me disable the blue LED light and chime sound (not the chime sound inside my condo, but the chime at the doorbell itself).

I suppose out of desperation I could open the camera up and disable the speaker (there goes two way chat), and I can get some white enamel and paint over the blue light area (there goes the light status indicators for future diagnostics)…but at least then I could “fix” the doorbell to the point of where I can continue to use it for recording and security purposes… All of this just because Wyze cant allocate a very, very little amount of time to impliment some extremely simple feature requests though?

The user Slabslayer wrote some pretty toxic stuff, appreciate that their post was taken down or flagged lol…but they mentioned I should “just move” and that Im “another entitled user” where theres only 200 people wishing for something out of “millions” of satisfied users. Well Im still going to address these two items, Slabslayer, since people like you get so enraged because you just dont see the bigger picture. Number 1, I legit just bought this condo for 400k, Im not moving out…if I could have afforded something bigger or better I would have, but if you pay attention to the market across the whole US, you should know that its pretty much like this everywhere unless/until we have a major crash. Slabslayer, if you want to give me 400k so I can move, I’ll take it lol. Regarding being an entitled user haha…I’ve worked in retail, then military (infantry), police (patrol), and now private sector doing software coding for a decade and Im now at a pretty major technology company…I get how to “suck it up” when things dont go my way, and I also know how annoying it can be when some customers ask for feature requests like what they want is all that matters. Perhaps you work for Wyze Slabslayer, which is why youre so annoyed… However I dont consider any feature request a situation where the customer is wrong for asking for the feature request, additionally, this particular feature request here is quite literally so easy, that the initial change to the code should take no more than 1 hour. Most companies when they have enough employees to assist with things such as improving the product and dedicate time to feature requests (especially very simple changes that can offer high-reward, and likely settings that SHOULD HAVE been available on day one), the companies will jump on this change to make customers happy. The last thing to your point about millions of satisfied customers…if you look at statistics you’ll know that most customers wont take the time to register in a forum to add a vote to a wishlist/feature, nor will they complain or ask the manufacturer (outside of a quick email or support call), they just go return the product because it didnt suit their needs…so unless you have Wyze product return statistics, or internal notes on product requests from users who called or emailed about this topic, please keep those thoughts to yourself because you simply just dont know.

…maybe I really will get some white enamel paint now…

Thanks again, Everyone.

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