Doorbell: everyone is pressing lens not button

Every one that comes to my door hits the camera lens not the button to ring the doorbell.

Take this as feedback wyze that the design of the video doorbell is not idiot proof and the button needs to be 100x more prominent.


I.e. delivery driver after delivery driver ALL do this.


It’s most likely because the people are in a rush. Compared to other brands, it seems like this shouldn’t be an issue with Wyze because the bell icon is on the part you need to push(unlike many others).

I’m 1 for 1 so far … nailed the ring button. I’ll keep track.


Many times. I waited a year to buy the Wyze doorbell and despaired the moment I saw what it was going to look like.


@Customer is totally vindicated with this post… Especially after so many people told him he was wrong. Heck, I think I was even one of them early on, though I eventually came around to agree the design should be changed.

It’s not too surprising.

Next model needs to make it have a protruding button or something more obvious.

I’m glad you were ultimately vindicated and validated Customer…well, that’s not entirely true, I do wish that it worked perfectly as intended… But I remember how frustrating it was when at first it was like you were the only one who seemed to see the issue. This whole thing indicates they should make you a beta tester to give real feedback and different insights that others overlook.


Thanks, carver! In fairness it’s only two people who’ve reported so far. :slight_smile:

The pro-mystery-button folks may still prevail. But I’ll take this for now. Sweet sweet petty vindication.

Seriously, I really wanted a good Wyze doorbell. :frowning:

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I think it will mostly work out okay simply because video doorbells are common enough that lots of people already know the lens is the top and the bell button is the bottom. If Wyze was the first company to launch a VDB, there would be a lot more confusion. I think convention and so many others having VDB’s will make it work okay for lots of people… But there will absolutely be a bunch of people who are confused too. I’m actually shocked a package delivery guy made this mistake. They, of all people, should be so used to VDB’s that they should know to press the bottom. This definitely is a great example video to validate your point… Even a delivery guy was confused, that’s a very different (stronger) point from great grandma or a young child being confused… Even those constantly seeing and using them are getting it wrong, that is huge validation.


I’m going to have to make little signs to point at the button.

FedEx, UPS, USPS, Amazon… every single one of them have hit the lens and not the button.

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I missed this debate! Didn’t know it was a thing. Not sure where I stand. As I unboxed and installed, I didn’t question how it operated. It has a little bell pic on button. Granted, I wasn’t rushing to drop off a box.

Need more people to share their videos!

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Is your doorbell mounted perpendicular or parallel to ground?

straight up and down not sideways if that’s what you are asking

Yeah, same

This happens to me all the time with my ring doorbell. The delivery drivers hardly press the button but put their finger over the camera lenses this is standard procedure for my UPS,FedEx and USPS… Amazon don’t even bother to step into my porch. They just lay the package on the steps for anyone driving by to see
. Not sure why they do this but it has nothing to do with the Wyze doorbell. I think it maybe just to activate the motion but not bother with having to talk to someone. If I see one I’ll ask. I’m still waiting for mine to ship so I can replace my ring. Can’t wait to get it!

They’re not trying to activate motion detection silently. They are just trying to ring your doorbell. The Ring models are a lot more intuitive than Wyze but still far from ideal.


I had an RCA doorbell camera, and had people pushing on the camera all the time too. I had pre-ordered a Wyze doorbell to replace it, but since cancelled it. Wyze products both new and old have become complete failures and voids of my time.

I spoke to a delivery driver once about the proliferation of cameras these days, and he said they all know to spot them as soon as they drive up and are aware they are being watched. They don’t ring the doorbell if they spot a camera.

Glad to see Wyze took the urgent suggestion of making the button more prominent and ignored it. Gives me a hint of their design process.


I want to see more examples of drivers pressing the camera lens. Please upload if you have examples. Thx!

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VDB companies should make the lens area pressure sensitive, and when someone presses that part of the VDB, it counts a trigger that you can cause it to do something, like sound a siren, or play a pre-recorded message saying “That’s not a button, it’s the lens!” Or “You pressed the lens; Buttons are always at the bottom of Video Door Bells.” or “Hey, [insert favorite non-vulgar derogatory name-calling word here], that wasn’t the right button, it’s a lens!” lol Man, that could be such fun…I wonder if there is any way to modify it to work this way for this kind of fun… :thinking:

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It’s ridiculous. Why is the lens visible in any way, let alone protruding to the point people think it’s a button to press. Laptop cameras, even the very cheapest, have NEVER protruded past the flush surface of a thin LCD screen. They are barely discernable. Same for front facing phone cameras, even the very cheapest. Cameras in this generation of doorbells are frankly embarrassing. Some manufacturers (Eufy to a degree and more so August, Nest, Ring 2, and Kangaroo) do a better job than others of minimizing the lens, but there is so much room for improvement. Wyze, unfortunately, is about the least intuitive doorbell I’ve ever seen.


I’m looking for more video examples of delivery people pushing the Wyze lens, or not. I agree with you about the general appearance, but I’d like to see the miss-hits…:wink: