Doorbell: Button or Lens? What’s your experience

There has been a lot of debate on whether people consistently hit the doorbell button or the camera lens … I’m 5 for 6 with hitting the button. Not too bad. Others??

I think the button is fine, it has a universal symbol on it’ and a light. how hard is that?


Button from everybody who has pressed it at my house… 3 people.

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Everyone has pressed the button on mine.

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All button here.

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I’ve noticed my button flashes when it detects motion, is it supposed to? Blue and red-ish.

Mine does as well. I’m pretty sure it is.


Kind of a beacon. Lures one to “push here”.

Mesmerizing even



I found this on ETSY, it is a doorbell casing – might help with those concerned about individuals hitting the Lens and not the bell.

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Hmm, not bad, might help a little.



6 of 7! Nailed it!

People keep pushing the camera lens. Good news!!! I was going to buy a second speaker/bell for our upstairs when I noticed that Alexa sees the door bell and will ring in any room I have an Amazon type speaker!! No need for additional bell!

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Here’s another 3d printed cover.


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Everyone has pushed the bell so far. I was worried about this being an issue, but now that is been installed, it has turned into a non-issue for me.

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It’s ridiculous. Why is the lens visible in any way, let alone protruding to the point people think it’s a button to press. Laptop cameras, even the very cheapest, have NEVER protruded past the flush surface of a thin LCD screen. They are barely discernable. Same for front facing phone cameras, even the very cheapest. Cameras in this generation of doorbells are frankly embarrassing.

Hey, Amazon got the right idea! This is how it’s done. Most of the same limitations as the Wyze doorbell. But on this design there is no doubt as to what you’re supposed to push.

Too bad I can’t trust Ring products.

Explains why my lens is now cracked and video is blurry.