Doorbell - Option to turn off push button LED or change color

I’m going to have to return my Doorbell Pro because of this. Seems crazy not to allow the light to be configured. Just like everyone else, I don’t want to draw attention to my house at night, nor waste battery power. Other limitations like fact it does not have SD or starlight I can live with, but this stupid blue light!


Please enable a setting to turn off the blue pulse light, if it is not here I will be returning this product as it gets complaints from HOA.


Just get my Pro up and running. I have it hardwired and it’s my understanding that in that situation the blue light will pulsate which is a terrible idea. PLEASE let us configure this. The v1 will light up when someone approaches, right? Why can’t we have the ability to configure it the way we want. I might end up returning and get a Ring or something else.


That is only the LED spotlight on the V1. The Blue Beacon doorbell pushbutton is always on and very bright! I taped over mine to silence it.


We have small kids and quite honestly don’t go out to frequently in the evenings and if I do, I take the car from the garage. So, I don’t see our front porch after dark very frequently. However, I went out to get the mail the other night and walk back up to our house only to be accosted by a blue beacon pulsating from my front porch. I thought maybe a squirrel had decided to take up welding as a hobby. Nope, it’s my doorbell.

Here’s the options as I see it:

  1. Make a cover for the doorbell (I don’t personally care for this solution, although several people here have come up with decent fixes).
  2. Disassemble the doorbell and modify the LED (I’ll post pictures if I do.)
  3. Hack the firmware and fix the code (this is outside my skillset. I with with programs for industrial equipment but I’m going in blind with this doorbell.)
  4. My personal favorite. A few people at Wyze take an a few hours and fix the doorbell and update the app and make a lot of existing customers happy.
  5. Install a Ring doorbell after I break it option 2 because Wyze staff continue to ignore this obnoxious issue.

I’ll keep you posted…


Wyze should fix this and give an opportunity option to turn off this ‘feature’. Announcing to the world that you have a doorbell camera can really be counterproductive. Was looking to replace my Eufy battery doorbell after 3 years but now that I see this blue light muting feature is not available then I’ll skip. Will now consider other brands even though I have already heavily invested in Wyze products.

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The blue light might cause bad actors to re-think their malicious deeds. But, that said, there should be an option to turn it off.


Doorbell pro or 1st gen

Please… I just want to be able to turn the light off. I do not want it lightning up when it spots motion or is charging or is low battery

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The blue light is horrible, needs option to disable


When the VDP is set to record a motion or AI event , the LED ring light in the device will illuminate when motions detected by the pir sensor

But if you have the doorbell set to only record an event after the doorbell button has been pressed , the LED ring light does NOT come on

I don’t like this setting and would still like the LED ring light to come on when motions detected by the pir sensor irregardless of how the event recording is set to

I have had plenty of visitors at my door who do not know where to press the doorbell , when the event is set to record after the doorbells been pressed so the led light doesn’t come on and they are confused where to press

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Turn off blue light for doorbell pro when wired.

I don’t live in a great neighborhood which is part of the reason why I have this doorbell. But when I wire it it pulses blue like a beacon asking people to take a look. Would be nice to have the option to have light off when it’s in standby and wired.

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I’m returning this unfortunately because the light behavior is not configurable. Great camera and service but the light brightness and not being able to turn it off is a deal breaker for me.

Wyze, are you going to change this or update us on if this will happen at all?


Hard to believe that we’re coming up on the 2-year anniversary since the original post was made and even with so many replies complaining about this issue there has been radio silence from the Wyze team… seems a straight forward firmware change to improve the options available to the community…

Guess it’s more important for you to release the OG and Telephoto cameras than pay attention to people who have already purchased and installed this doorbell product. This is my only Wyze camera product for that very reason… if you don’t pay attention to those who have already bought a product, why should I invest $$$ in more products that you won’t improve when they have glaringly annoying issues…

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I agree. Seems simple to change blue light ring… So much competition in doorbell arena.
I will not buy first version of any wyze products. Had bad luck or just bad quality of using the products. They do not even try to keep loyal customers in there process. Until they get bought out buy Google or blink… No change in sight. :confused:

The pulsating blue light is very obnoxious. It needs to have the option of brightness. Another waste of electricity. Had I known it was like this, I would not have purchased it.

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Just noticed it does this today, It’s so bright that it’s easy to see passing by on the road. Please add a dimming/off feature.

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No response from Wyze since this has been reported since the doorbell pro was shipped. At least we should have some feedback from wyze

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This post is almost two years old and still hasn’t been addressed or even acknowledged by Wyze? Here is my two sense for a couple likely scenarios.

1.) The led is hardwired to light up if there is power to the doorbell and can’t be operated programmatically through the doorbell’s chip. I’ve only had mine for a few weeks but maybe someone can confirm or deny this based on the led light during setup. If it changes color in anyway then this statement is not the case.

2.) Wyze has a serious backlog of feedback and bugs and they don’t have the capacity to fix things in a timely manner. I think this is the more likely scenario and a disappointing one. This may be the downside of cheaper IOT devices/companies. Wyze has really stretched themselves to try and build a ton of devices but at the end of the day the software is below average compared to their competitors. It’s likely a trade off they have to make to be profitable. I’m rooting for them but not even addressing issues that are this old is not a good look.

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  1. the doorbell LED does change color based on it’s setup, network status, and activity:

Possibility #3) the LED, unlike the video from the cam, isn’t part of the firmware they are able to modify? :man_shrugging: Wyze didn’t make the cam. They sourced it from a manufacturer and branded it. It is possible that their firmware only reaches so far. That’s the only thing I think would stop them from changing it. Unless it is just too much of an expense with little revenue payoff.

Just to clarify, It has been looked into and discussed by Wyze or it would not have a category or tag associated with it. Up top you will see it has a tag and category of “Maybe Later” which means Wyze actually did look at it, discuss it internally, and decided they wouldn’t completely rule it out, but it was not going to be one of the top priorities (and may never happen).

Which wishlists get implemented depends on many factors, including votes/interest (including how active the thread is) by a large amount of different users, balancing their limited personel/resources, how much of a difference it will make to how many users, how easy/difficult the change would be to implement, and several other considerations.

In this case Wyze decided that some other things would get priority for now, and while this wouldn’t be ruled out completely, one should not have an expectation that it will happen, and if it does, it will likely not happen soon.

Sometimes Wyze issues responses we don’t like, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t address or acknowledge the request at all. They simply decided that based on the level of interest/votes combined with the amount of effort/cost it would take to implement with the limited number of devs they have that would otherwise be used for potentially more important priorities, now is not an optimal time for it, if ever.

Let me be clear that I am supportive of this wishlist, and I don’t like the extra LED, so I too would certainly love to be able to turn off the LED.

But I am glad they do actually look at these wishlists, actually discuss them internally, respond with various options to categorize and log it, and sometimes even revisit and finally implement them. There have been a number of these things that were once “Maybe Later” that eventually moved to “Wishes Granted”…even many years later, so it does happen. Hopefully this one will too, but it’s not likely to be any time soon.