Doorbell - Option to turn off push button LED or change color

Thank you Max for sharing your video, confirming and validating our 2 years+ complaints and the continued non-response of Wyze.

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Omgitstony seems to not really get the change request at hand, which is to give everybody the option and ability to turn off/dim the blue light for whatever reason users might have and decide what is best for themselves and their neighbors.

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I just tested lowering the chime volume setting 75% in the iOS app and it lowers the separate hardware chime to where I can’t hear it, but the doorbell ring sound on the camera device is still super loud.

Also there is a guy here who was making adhesive stickers that cover the light. If you search Cricut here u can find him. Maybe he wants to sell them inexpensive? I might buy one especially if the adhesive is like from painters tape

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This is not a technical problem, as much as it is a branding issue. They don’t want to “turn off” the light to the wyze brand which is staring you in the face. They see it as a beacon of hope, when we all see it as the beacon of shame and lack of freedom. We are victims of corporate america and they want to tattoo our homes with their image. We were once friends but the dail is slowly turning us into slaves.

Rise up people! Armed with a drill, a sticker, whatever works… refuse to be blinded by the blue light of shame.

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I am a big promoter of this wishlist item! Very much understand it, refer to my reply directly to you from last week for further info. :slight_smile:


Doorbell - add option to turn off motion light

I have a Wyze Doorbell Pro that I use without an electrical connection. Therefore, when it lights up after detecting motion it drains the battery. I would like to be able to turn this light off. It should record video as always, but the Doorbell settings should allow us to toggle the light display. Thanks.

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The point is that we should be able to turn the light off if we prefer that, just like on other products.


Got an eUfy Doorbell Camera.

  1. Their blue notification light can be turned on/off !!
  2. No need to pay for subscription. Video/Audio recordings are stored inside the house in the relay, chime unit and are retrievable anywhere/ anytime via app.
  3. Rechargable long lasting battery.
  4. Forget you Wyze doorbell cam!
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which model and how much where?

what’s the “relay”"

Didn’t think I needed a 2K so I got the 1080p video doorbell. Works perfectly for my needs.

Sorry for the autocorrect typo, it’s not “relay” meant to say “wireless” .

Ok thx. Will look later to check

Huge thanks for this info, ropo3464! I’ll vote with my dollars. If Wyze doesnt want to make important yet simple fixes, I’ll go elsewhere.

Huh. I just got my pro and this was the first thing I had to look up. I have just a v3 sitting in a window now but wanted something better. It’s way bigger than I wanted but was going to make it work anyway. But this blue light is just the breaking point that makes it unacceptable.

Does anyone make a stealthy doorbell sized doorbell camera? (Would have to be wired of course, no room for much of any of an internal battery.)

A light up brick isn’t going to work for my needs.

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Just got the Doorbell Pro. Wired is what I wanted so that my wife wouldn’t have to figure out how to change batteries on the doorbell (or the rest of the cameras we got) when I’m away.

The blue blinking “standby” ring light is god awful. Ruins the look of the porch, night walkers notice it a mile away, it’s brighter than a 760 lumen standard porch light and just plain ugly.

Wyze, this cannot be a hard fix. Let people do minor programming to it in the app (ie. change color, brightness, or off completely).

If this can’t be easily resolved and it remains on this “maybe later” list, I’ll go buy Ring or Eufy.

Also - for the customers on here defending Wyze for their inaction… I bet you get free products and put Wyze adds on your Tacoma.


Please create a toggle to turn off the blue light for litterally all the reasons in this thread. It is very bright. I’ll end up finding a cover that covers the hard work design of the door bell.


As others have stated, the pulsing blue light for the hardwired doorbell is a weird choice for something that should be providing a sense of security. I used to the be the dark house on the street. Now I am the house with the bright flashing blue light. When security is the concern, the last thing you want is to make your house stand out.


This is ridiculous… for what this doorbell pro costs… one should have the option to turn that blasted light down or off… hands down.

What seems to be the problem?? Wishlist

Anyone even monitoring this subject!?!?

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It is being monitored, but has been labeled “maybe later”. That’s means that is has been looked over, then decided to out it on the back burner for the time being. Wishes can come back from maybe later when team members on engineering or devs finish previous projects or priorities shift to projects like this.

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