Doorbell - Option to turn off push button LED or change color

Thx I guess.
Wadr this forum is like the Wyze app. Not helpful if you don’t live IN it.
Now I can’t find the wishlist page and SHOULDNT HAVE to log into the forum with 2Factor just to find that

then what, I need to save your instructions to my Notes for the next time I come in a month from now,

The wishlist should have check boxes or toggle or drop-down list of products user wants to view.

Wyze needs to stop making us work to use their products. Is there even a PDF on instructions to use my iOS app??

the support feedback instructions inside the app lead to steps that Wyze support then doesn’t follow

Stop making new products and FIX WHAT YOU HAVE

Otherwise I’m looking for better products even if cost a few $ more.

Why does Wyze treat users like coders.

Wyze doesn’t, neither do us volunteers. If you were to go into the advanced search and put in the search criteria you mentioned above, the same search is created that I posted above. I just saved you some steps.

Go into the advanced search, then choose your catagory (wishlist) and your tag (video-doorbell-pro), it will then populate the search line with what I posted above. Tag: is the same as the hashtag.

Researching video doorbells, Glad i found this thread, via Google, after watching some youtube reviews on it, on how to disable the Status LED on the Wyze DB Pro.


Well that is a deal breaker for me. I live in a apartment complex, and neighbors door is directly across from mine. That flashy LED ring no good. Also, it comes on when you view the live stream too??? NOPE!.

Why??? On their normal Wyze cams, you can disable the Status LED.

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Yep you got it right! The Wyze Devs either cant or wont fix it at this point. Someone, or a group of engineers at Wyze, certainly dropped the ball on this issue, and who knows how many sales they keep losing over such a simple problem that is also likely a simple fix. Super annoying and a slap in the face to us customers… Look forward to the Wyze Pro 2 doorbell cam! It’ll be an extra $50 to adjust inflation most likely, and itll introduce a new LED control features (im joking as I have no idea if they’ll do that, but wishful thinking at this point that Wyze does anything about this issue so long after its launch). Releasing new products seems to be more of a priority for Wyze than fixing issues that their R&D people should clearly be aware of when it comes to a dumpster fire.


Here’s what I did as a work-around. I installed a simple toggle switch to the power from the transformer to 5he doorbell pro. I keep it turned off until the battery is low, then turn it on in the morning and it’s charged before nightfall, then I turn it off…repeat.

Thats cool. What does it have to do with the LED light on the doorbell annoying everyone?

When transformer power to the doorbell is removed (running on battery alone), the led is off till motion is sensed.

Ah very interesting. For me, the biggest issue is the blue light when motion goes off as it freaks out my neighbors. Your fix may certainly help others. Thanks a lot for your posts

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Looks like Wyze don’t read all your complains. Why we still buy their cruppy products? I will return doorbell back. God bless Amazon Prime!

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I’m curious… is that transformer plugged into the Wyze Plug in the picture?

The wyze plug has a wyze camera plugged in. All my cameras are plugged into a wyze plug so that I can do a power reset if and when needed when we’re away from home. The switch is wired into the transformer for the doorbell pro.

Thx! Just wondering. I am nearing EOL on my VDBv1 and was looking at an upgrade to a VDBP. I have my VDBv1 wired to a 24V transformer, but I have taped over the light so that it isn’t lighting up the side of the house like a KMart Blue Light Special. The revelation that the VDBP doesn’t constantly light the status light while on Battery Mode is a promising feature.

My idea was to power the transformer from a Wyze Plug set on a schedule to only be on from Sunrise to Sunset, thereby eliminating the need for the manual toggle switch. But, I am unsure of the charge\discharge cycle of the VDBP. It would certainly be unable to charge at night, but I am unsure that it would kick into charge mode at the appropriate time during the day to give it enough to last the night on low battery.

Does the VDBP charge whenever connected to power or does it only go to wired power and recharge when the battery discharges to a preset discharge?

When the battery hits the preset discharge, does it send a low battery push notification?

I just installed the doorbell pro and noticed the pulsating blue light. I came here searching how to turn it off but nevermind that, any update on your doorbell?

It looks like a V2 doorbell was released. Perhaps that one doesn’t have the pulsating light and Wyze can give us a replacement with a V2 in order to remain Wyze customers.

No idea but I am curious myself. Also annoying that it’s black and I dont see a white model. Probably more HOA issues putting it on my door… Furthermore, I see that Wyze added a microSD option. I just want to point out a security aspect of that. While I love having the microSD as a backup option and 24/7 ‘reel’ of footage to review whenever I want in most of my Wyze cameras, there is also a much higher-risk of the doorbell camera being stolen compared to my other Wyze cameras that use microSD in them. If a bad-guy steals your microSD and/or rips your wyze camera off the porch and runs away, they may grab the footage off the camera and learn a lot more about you and your family and when you come and go from your home. It goes beyond just breached privacy, and more into “casing the place” or spying on you if someone had some really bad intent. Saying that to warn people here and keep that in mind when opting to use the microSD card in this model. Sure, maybe you’ll catch the masked person stealing it on your cloud copy of the footage before it got stolen, but I doubt you’d catch the person if they took your SD card or the whole camera. Personally, I’d rather them steal an empty camera off my front door. Would be better if the microSD was encrypted and could only be viewed by unecrypting in realtime using a Wyze app on your PC or phone…Wyze seems to have issues with security lately. Not long ago they exposed something like 10 people’s entire home Wyze Cams via the web browser version of Wyze. You can Google it. I still use Wyze…but just remember how and where you place your cameras so you never run into any majorly compromising situations. Always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to security. Imagine if someone had access to your IP camera and youre on the phone with your bank? or your healthcare provider or hospital? Its not just about what the camera sees but what it hears. Just posting this here for people to think about security now that I’m looking at the new Wyze Doorbell v2 camera. Good luck all.

Edit: no battery in this new v2 camera so I’ll have to pass and hope for a v2 Pro with battery that has NO bright glowing lights, or at least lets me turn the lights off (and if they include the blowing blue ring that cant be disabled I swear I’ll never buy Wyze again)

Would love to change colors for the Holiday’s! Also, ability to cycle colors of choice please! :blush:

Just bought the doorbell pro and am so disappointed I cannot disable the blue light. My old neighbors have already complained about it, saying they feel like they’re being spied on. I’m afraid they’re going to complain to the front office. Can someone provide from wyze provide an update on this?

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off topic. OP suggests a configuration so you can be happy too.

I think the reason is they didn’t think thoroughly when implemented the hardware. Should just come forward.
Also, why does the switch outside rings anyway?

Should ring inside only. Bad implementation of hardware it’s my guess.