Wyze Doorbell Pro - pulsing blue light always on?

Hey friends,

Apologies if this has been covered before, but I tried searching the forms with no success.

I installed my Doorbell Pro yesterday and noticed the blue light ring is always pulsing. Is that normal? The doorbell works (records events, chime rings etc), but I just found it weird that the blue light pulses 24/7. I would have thought that it would only turn on when it senses movement or when it’s pressed only.

I googled this, and I found Wyze stating that a pulsing blue light meant that the doorbell was in standby mode. If this is true… not sure why my doorbell works then (in “standby mode”).

I reset the doorbell earlier this afternoon, but looks to be doing the same thing again.

Hoping that maybe this is a normal thing and that my doorbell is working as it should.

I was also thinking maybe I had a weak internet connection at my house, and maybe the pulsing blue light meant the doorbell is constantly searching for a good wifi connection.

Thanks in advance!


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Is your video doorbell pro wired or on battery power?

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Thanks for the reply! My doorbell is hardwired to the wall. Everything works… it rings, it sends notifications… everything.

I just wondered if everyone’s doorbell light ring pulsed blue 24/7 or only pulsed blue once the doorbell button is pressed/it sensed movement.

There are two blue pulsing definitions for the VDBP.

For Battery powered, the device will pulse blue when you are live streaming the camera or an “event” is happening.

The direct power setup will pulse blue when is standby mode as you have found.

I have three of the VDBPs, two on battery one wired. But the wired one has been removed for a bit for some door maintenance so It’s tough for me to validate that it is in fact pulsing blue all the time.

Truth is, I never would have realized it because if you are in front of the doorbell, there is generally an event.

I am looking to see if I can get what the definition is on “standby mode” as related to the VDBP.

Thanks for your help! Yeah I wouldn’t have noticed the pulsing light either but I was throwing out the trash the other night and swung around the house to see the pulsing light in action. I am probably a good 30 or 40 feet away… so I’m thinking the doorbell is not picking me up. It just sort of pulses the night away haha.

I have read some folks on here saying they wished they could turn off the blue light… I’m not sure if these folks are just seeing a bright solid blue hue at night (which they find annoying) or if they are seeing a pulsing light (which they find annoying). If I were to guess, what would make sense would be a soft blue hue all the time, then pulsing solid blue when it senses an “event”… that to me would make sense.

Being in “standby” mode sounds like the doorbell is waiting for something. That would make sense if my doorbell couldn’t connect to the chime, or didn’t ring or something… but mine does everything… just pulses blue 24/7. Odd!

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I see this behavior too. Any luck in finding out what “standby mode” means?

Glad I’m not the only one encountering this issue! I reached out to Wyze support, and they gave me some tips. Including resetting the modem. I tried it but it didn’t fix the pulsing light issue. So they asked if I could send a log. We’ll wait and see what becomes of that as I just submitted.

It sounds like the pulsing light 24/7 is not normal!

By definition, it would appear to be normal.

The best answer I got for “Standby Mode” is “Not in use”.

When hardwired there is no concern of battery drainage with the pulsing blue light.

This is purely my own speculation, but it is possibly to draw attention to the button where there were many instances of guests or delivery people pressing the camera instead of the button on the WYZE Video Doorbell.

I have no insight as to why this function was chosen, but the pulsing blue light, when hardwired is normal by all accounts as designed by Wyze and not an indicator of an issue with the device.

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Hmm… that’s actually a good point… I tried setting up the doorbell relying on its internal battery only and the blue pulsing light was never an issue. The blue pulsing light (at least for me anyway) started happening when I did a hardwire install.

I guess in the end, it’s not that big of a deal as my doorbell works. It just looks kind of funny because I live on a culdesac and with the pulsing, it’s like a homing beacon when you pull into the neighborhood.

I just installed my doorbell yesterday via hard wire and I have the same pulsing blue light. I really hope they push out an update that allows us to change the light behavior. I do agree it acts like a homing beacon. I was driving last night and it was the first thing I noticed when I turned onto my street.

Thank you @izzoblitzo for this post and @R.Good for the answers. I just installed my doorbell pro today (hard wired) and noticed it pulsing blue at night while taking out the trash. I also thought something was wrong, but thanks to this post I know all is good :slight_smile: Hopefully they have a setting in the future to just make it solid blue rather than pulsing, seems odd to make it pulse rather than solid when it’s just in stand by mode, has to be a reason behind it. But just wanted to let everyone know as of October 2023 it still pulses haha.

It’s been a few months, and the light still pulses blue… I never did hear back from Wyze. Either they never got anything out of the logs or maybe there is no real fix… perhaps this is truly how it was intended. The pulsing blue ring for me isn’t too big of a deal… it doesn’t really bother me, just can’t help but feel like it’s not right (as compared to it say… not flash all the time???)… haha

But anyhow, it’s still flashing, but it rings, sends notifications, everything else… so I can’t complain. Hope someone else finds this helpful down the road… or maybe Wyze will tinker with it and allow the user to decide if they want a flashing pulsing blue ring or a solid one!

Rest assured we are not the only ones that have this “issue”. I was browsing the Wishlist page and found this under the maybe later page (link below). Definitely a big topic that, sadly, has been going on for a few years now; can only hope something comes of it. But same as you, everything works normal for me, notifications, recording, chime, etc… It’s just one of those things that lives rent free in my head knowing the light is just pulsing for no reason - well other than the reason of all is working good haha.

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I for one hate this thing blinking all night long. It makes it a target for anyone to steal it at night ! Mine is wired from a charger thats pluged in so if thats the cause then a quick fix is plug the charger into a timer and only charge in the daytime $ 10.00 on amazon. Right now my battery’s are at 85% so I unpluged the charger to test it tonight !