Doorbell connection issues? Blue and yellow?

I think I’m having connection issues with my Wyze doorbell. I approached it last night when it was blue, a flash went off when I got near it, the blue disappeared and then the doorbell was solid yellow, turned off for a second and then flashed yellow, and then back to blue, flashed blue a few times and then returned to a solid blue color. Any idea what is going on?

Did you get a motion event? I can’t recall what colors mine turns but mine is solid blue, then as I or motion approached it begins to blink. Are you using camplus? Is the camera remaining online through this? Have you tested the power output at the wire ends if you are having problems with the doorbell staying online?

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I didn’t get a motion event when I approached it or pressed the button previously to this particular event. However, 2 motion events were recorded today during the day when I wasn’t home. CamPlus is being used. I think there may be online connection issues. I’ve noticed it has some moments where it seems to not be connected thru the app. How do I test the power output? My previous doorbell worked.

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What was your previous doorbell? A legacy doorbell or a smart doorbell? Power requirements are different. If you had access to a multimeter to measure the output that would be the best. What kind of transformer is powering the Wyze doorbell? I wonder and gut feeling is that there is a power shortage and the bell causing ng it to go offline when there is a detection.

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your description indicates there’s a power issue, I have heard some people with success on this issue by going in at turning off the headlight (white light) that comes on automatically also turning off night vision… seems to be successful for them as it’s clear it’s rebooting itself because his drawing too much power from the transformer the transformer is not giving either enough voltage or amps for the LED lights…


I am having the same exact issue. Keeps rebooting. Was working fine with a new 16AC 40VA transformer for 1 week. Directly connected 5 feet away. Then it started doing the same as above, I purchased a new transformer. Same thing. Goes from Blinking yellow to solid blue, then I hear a click and it goes back to blinking yellow to solid blue. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat…

well if you have the time just plug a USB in the back of it because if you pull the tab or sticker above the two contacts you should see a USB port if that works then I would consider going from a 16 AC transformer to a 24

Is there some sort of adapter or something that is supposed to come with the doorbell? My electrician said he installs ring doorbells a lot and they normally come with something like that. Just wondering what I need to do or get before he comes to help.