Video doorbell stops flashing yellow after 5 seconds

Has anyone had trouble with a video doorbell? Power cycle only for it to flash yellow for about 5 seconds then goes off. I’ve had trouble with this one losing connection since day one. Just randomly. Any ideas? I think it’s defective or faulty with a short or something

Welcome to the forums! Do you have a way to check the voltage at the wires at the doorbell location? How far, and what’s between the wifi source and your doorbell?

Voltage is fine. 24 but there’s no power at the doorbell after about 5 seconds

So the power cuts out after 5 seconds? What is up river along the wires from the doorbell location then? What kind of transformer? Was the chime bypassed correctly? Condition and age of wiring? What was the measured power at the doorbell location?

At one time both were working and have been off and on. The back door works just fine. The front has always been a problem. We switched the front with the back yesterday and still the same issues with that camera. So it’s a camera issue not a wiring issue. Everything is wired correctly. Brand new transformer purchased from home depot but it even worked with our old one at times. We thought it may be a transformer issue so we replaced that to make sure. That wasn’t the problem because the issue remains. 24v at doorbell location which is fine.

If I understand correctly, you actually have two Wyze doorbell cameras, one at the front and one at the back of the house? That important fact wasn’t mentioned earlier so I want to make sure (the follow up questions here are assuming you have two Wyze vdbs). Are you handy enough to have only one doorbell installed at a time for enough time to test the doorbells functions, then wire up the other by itself and tests it’s functions? I know you said you switched them, but didn’t mention that you tested them seperatly, I read it as you hooked both back up and ran then together.
Just want to rule out the two doorbells running at the same time possibly being an issue due to a statement you made earlier, that’ll I’ll explain next.

Can you explain these further? One statement you say power is fine, then the earlier one you say there is no power after 5 seconds.

Thanks for the troubleshooting and possibly narrowing it down to one camera. The forums are a user community which has some pretty good help and info, but the official support channel is by contacting support via phone (I prefer) or through online chat.

Wyze Support by phone at (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.

Any @Mavens have any extra ideas for this one? Thx!

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I am running errands so I don’t have a way to completely revise my system right now. I meant the power supply is correct, correct voltage, not turned off etc. I have also tested this with wyze and haven’t gotten anywhere. The instructions for hooking up an front and back doorbell. Replacing the old ones, was followed explicitly. I’ll have to try later to completely take everything off and try again with one at a time

Are they both running off of the same transformer by chance?

Yes of course since we had a front doorbell and back doorbell. Nothing indicates the need for two and I’ve switched them front to back to see if it’s a location issue and it is not. Same doorbell malfunctions