Video doorbell connection

Every time I hit the doorbell button. The chime works but then the doorbell light will turn yellow and start blinking because it loses connections. Is anyone else having this issue?

Yup, same issue here… Not sure what the issue is… I checked and rechecked my setup and connection and all is well.

@WyzeGwendolyn, any advice or tips?!

Sounds like a connection issue. Did you check the wiring at the old chime and transformer?

Yes and all seems correct. Any other thoughts?

I believe I figured it out. I have an older house and my doorbell transformer is not powerful enough. Going to replace it and retest.

How did you determine it was too old?

Is the transformer inside the old chime box ?

Works perfectly now after replacing it.

Mine was 10V w 5VA. minimum required according to the spec sheet is 16v-24v >=10VA

After replacing it works perfectly

Mine was in attic by a electrical panel above the chime. Off you search doorbell transformer online there are pictures